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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by joecapo, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. How you guys all doing, Im Joe from the New Jersey coast. I have an ECB I got for free 2 years ago and have yet to use it. Decided to bring it out yesterday, installed a new thermometer on thr outside lid, because low-ideal-hot doesnt cut it for me. I tried something easy which was pork chops in my own special rub I use for pork butt in the crockpot. I need to have that smoky flavor for pulled pork you likr I said start off lil and work my way up. I kept temp from 225-250 wasnt as easy as I thought but not impossible. Anywho the chops came out great!!! And very juicy under 2 hours. This is definitely my new hobby. A cooler of beer, pack of smokes and babysit my smoker on weekends.
    Throughout the week Im a surgical assistant in the operating room, so to be from go go go and move quick and think fast. Smoking is very relaxing and fun to do. Happy to join here and look forward to meeting you all. I could definitely use a few tips and tricks.
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Sounds like your hooked, just like the rest of us!

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    Welcome to the forum Joe!!!  [​IMG]

    There is a group here for us Jersey smokers, join up!!

    Where on the coast are you?
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  4. Im in Shark River Hills, the better part of Neptune ;)
  5. Whats going on people. Decided to go for a whole chicken injected with beer butter and stuffing. Wrapped her up in bacon.
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    Lol....that's crazy!! Let us know how it came out
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  7. itll be good. I promise
  8. it came out awesome 6 hours later
  9. best whole smoked chicken i ever had
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    Welcome and wow that chicken looks good!!
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    Winner winner, chicken dinner!!! Looks real good, now I have to try that!!

    Points!!  [​IMG]
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