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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by pballard, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Hi there. I got a new grill for an early Father's Day present and want to learn the art of smoking. I have been complimented for years on my charcoal grilling so hopefully that will carry over some.
    I have an "outdoor gourmet gas and charcoal grill ( model cg3023e)" with a fire box to the side of the charcoal grill. I see from the eCourse this is referred to as a "horizontal offset style smoker"
    As far as me personally , I'm a young dad of 2 boys in still in diapers. I work 2 jobs that both follow a high school calendar. So summer is a huge (and needed) break for me and my family.
    Like to hunt fish grill and had started learning g how to brew beer. But now with the little ones I want to change the hobby to something the whole family can enjoy.
    I plan on starting to smoke this weekend. Should I start with a chicken?
    And I'll leave you with the embarrassing question of : the fire box has a grill in it. What is it for? I understand it to be too hot for food in there
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    [​IMG]to SMF!  We are so glad you joined us! Would you mind updating your profile to show the other SMF member where you are located?

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    Welcome to the forums, pballard!  Glad you've joined us.  You've found a great place to learn and share ideas on our favorite pastimes...grilling, smoking, and curing great food!  There are lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here who really enjoy helping one another.  Good luck with that build project, and just ask any time you need help and you'll get plenty!

    That grate in the fire box is for direct, high-heat grilling. 

  4. Hi, welcome to the forum.

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    Red is correct, but you could also build your fire atop the grate and allow the ash to fall below - this keeps the ash from choking out the fire.

    [​IMG]  to the SMF, the best BBQ site on the web.  Whatever you need to know about the fine art of BBQ you can find it right here, from recipes to technical knowledge.

    One thing you need to know about us is that we like to see pictures of your creations and your gear.  We call it Q-View and its basically the [​IMG]!!!

    So, don't just talk about your food, show it!  Otherwise you may get a gentle reminder, like this...

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    Good Luck and Get Smokin'

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    Shiny new toy!!! Welcome to the boards, folks here are great and smart oh my!
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    Welcome, I'm a new member too and this forum has been amazing. There is a lot of great advice and pics. I'm addicted. Hope you enjoy it as much as me.
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    Welcome to the greatest forum ever... and happy Fathers Day!
    Happy smoke'n!
  9. Welcome aboard!  Where from in LA?
  10. Thanks for all the welcomes. I haven't checked this since I first posted, but I am excited for all of the feedback. Sorry no pics but now that I k ow the rules I'll try to play by them next time.
    I finally got around to my first smoke today, and it was a success. My folks cancled on us so I only smoked one chicken and 4 potatoes(2 foil 2 no foil). All turned out great. I preferred the no foil taters. They were done in the smoker (charcoal grill side ) and the foil ones were put on grate in fire box.
    Chicken 4 hour brine (recipe of Tulsa Jeff) and store bought chicken rub.
    Fire building no problem... but I thought I was going to have to cook the bird in the oven. 1 hour in to it and I haven't touched 250. As I pondered (have another beer right) I think the fire is getting choked out. So I find a rod to stoke the fire (need to invest in proper equipment) and open draft all the way. Boom 280-290. I let it did down to about 270 and maintain ther for about an hour. Now just over 2hrs in I decide to check IT 180. Not believing it I leave it in for 5 more min (letting my thermometer cool) and test IT again. This time I use one thermometer in the breast and one in the thigh. Both right at 180. So now I think I have dried it out. But inside on the table turns out really juicy, great flavor, and not too rubbery skin. All in all a hit.
    Now I realize the benefit of having a thermometer you leave in the meat. I plan on buying a maverick or the like very soon.
    However I am now curious ... Did the bird just reach 180 upon my first test and that's why it wasn't dried out? I calibrated both thermometers to 212 in boiling water before I started the fire.
    Any ideas ?
  11. SuperCenterChef - i live up north... way up north... way up around Shreveport
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    Pballard, welcome to our Family. We hope you enjoy it here enough to call us Home...[​IMG]

    Looks as if you figured the set-up of your Smoker/Grill and getting good results. Choosing Chicken to cook first trip, was a great choice. IMHO , it would be prudent to cook a few more Chickens and then move to a Pork Butt for the jump to big Muscle meat . The Butt is very forgiving and gives excellent practice in control of your Temps. and times. Butts will teach you the one best suggestion for Smoking Meat... Patience [​IMG]  .

    Have fun for now and remember the Q-view...

  13. pballard:  I grew up in Shreveport and live about an hour and a half ever need anything, jes holler!
  14. Smoked baby back ribs yesterday for a small lawn party. Turned out great and I remembered to take a pic
    . I went with dry ribs and store bought "cowboy rub". Not the best dry rub. I have ever had but the guests went on and on about the ribs so I guess it wasn't too bad either.
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    He's a Yankee, he lives north of I-10.

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