first timer at snack sticks

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  1. Well this is my first attempt at snack sticks or deer sticks as I have always called them. I used my brand new Lem #8 grider/stuffer. Using hi mountain snack stick seasoning and cure... I'm a little skeptical on this... I used ground venison that I have my locker process with %20 beef fat. I ran the ground venison through the grinder to start with just to really get the fat incorporated with the meat. Then added the cure, seasoning, and water and mixed together til nice and sticky thrn proceeded to stuff my casings. I had both 17mm and 21mm so I decided to try both. I only had one blow out right away which surprised me. I don't know if I was doing it the hard way by tieing off both ends but I am not going to hang these in the smoker I'm just going to lay them on the Bradley racks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on an easier way. After the stuffing process was over it was into the fridge for a sleepover with Mr. Coors light. Tomorrow is smoking day! YAY!

    first run through the grinder
    about half way through
  2. Wow  !!!    Nice

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    Take them out and let them dry and hour or 2 before you start smoking. Start out at a low temp with your smoker (120) and keep raising every hour or so until your smoker temp is 175. Then wait until your sticks internal temp gets to 152. Give them a cold water bath and set them on a rack so they can dry. Laying them on the shelf works but if you can hang them it works better. Your off to a great start!
  4. headed for the smoker at 120 for a bit then gonna add some hickory and pecan and maybe a little apple. Updates to come
  5. They looks good so far.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Well they have been taking smoke for about 4 hours now. I switched my upper and lower rack about 3 hours into it. I just checked and temps were from 143 to 149. I'm thinking about another hour and they will taking an ice bath. Money shot to follow!
  7. They should be good.

    Happy smoken.

  8. Can't wait to see them

  9. These ones were all 152 or better so pulled them and gave them an ice bath. Can I cut into one or do I have to wait for the bloom period?
  10. Sure give them a try. They will get better after the bloom. They do look good.

    Happy smoken.

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    How long did it take? I'm thinking about trying a batch at work...
  12. Pretty good flavor. Not quite the snap I was hoping for but that might come with more bloom time.
    This batch took almost exactly 6 hours the other should be close in about 6.5
  13. Final product. Going to let bloom for a couple hours then cut up and paper bag for 24 to 48hrs in the fridge. I'm thinking they won't last long
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    It looks like they turned out very nice.
  15. Nice, looks good

  16. "After the stuffing process was over it was into the fridge for a sleepover with Mr. Coors light"

    You made me laugh with that part of your step.

    How much meat did you use? Did I miss that? It looks like it didn't make much, and you're right: They probably won't last long!
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    Those look super.
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    these look great... and your right.. they won't last long... better start making more ,now ... Thumbs Up
  19. My apologies. 5 lbs. And your right it doesn't look like much
    here's a pic inside the paper bag. I really enjoyed this as I have all my smoking adventures. I will definitely be doing this again but with a home made seasoning to hopefully remove some of the saltiness. Thanks everyone for partaking in this adventure with me.
    Smoke on!
  20. Bagged up and ready to send to me.  Good job


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