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Discussion in 'CharGriller Owners Group' started by pilch, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Hi! folks, today I became a "CharGriller" and grilled my first Brisket.

    I must admit that I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof putting everything together this morning at 0630hrs, Pulled the meat from the fridge and rubbed it down with Mustard and Jeff's extremely hot rub. While the meat came to room temperature I fired up the Char Griller and waited. I must of double checked everything at least five times before placing the meat onto the grill and even then I was worried that I'd forgotten something. I set my "Gas mate" temperature probe to m/rare and inserted it into the Brisket and offered up a prayer. 

    After about an hour or so I noticed that the griller temp. was up around the 300F mark and remembering that someone had written that he cooks at 225F I quickly removed 25 briquettes to lower the temp. Another hour passes and the temp is still high so out came another 10 briquettes. 

    Remember I am a first timer and have had not an ounce of experience, so ok things start to shape up and the temps where I want it and I start to calm down. Things go my way for the next few hours with the fire and temperature all playing the game, then comes the time when I've almost reached my IT and away I go again, full time panic.

    What was I worrying about? pulled the meat out wrapped it in alfoil and put it back in for another hour, at about 1700hrs I removed it from the griller and wrapped it in a towel and placed it into an ice box (Esky). At 1800hrs I opened my surprise parcel to reveal a perfect brisket, both in looks and medium rare. Now lets try this all day sucker it's got to be something extra special after waiting this long WRONG, remember I used Jeff's rub and apparently this little old Aussie hasn't got a hankering for something this HOT.

    Overall outcome, I had a very interesting day and learnt a lot from experience and the Smoking Meat Forum (checking up every 5 minutes throughout the day).

    I will not let the hot rub deter me in any way but I'm sure I will not do another brisket as when I was a youngster we were made to eat corned brisket, as it was a cheap cut, and I didn't like it then and apparently not now either.

    Cheers from down under.
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    You have done a good work but it is not a good thing that you did not offered it to me. I think you should have offered it to me to have a taste?
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    Welcome to the forum Pilch!

    You're braver than I am, putting smoker together, and cooking the same day. Especially a brisket.  That takes guts, my friend!  LOL

    Don't give up on briskets, just leave them for later, after you learn your smoker.  Learn to do spareribs, chicken, beef roast, and the like, then progress towards the longer cooks.  This give you time to learn you cooker, maybe tweak it a bit, and learn how much coals or wood to use for what temps, and how long.  I'm on my 2ND year with my CG and I still consider myself a total newbie with it.  But I have made some awesome food with it non-the-less.

    My grownup daughter loudly proclaims that she hates smoked meat or food. 

    However she is now asking me to cook some ribs for her next spring.  I took some to our family's Thanksgiving dinner and she fell in love with them!  She had never had truly smoked meat before.  Rather just grilled and dried out stuff, with lots of sauce on it, or the crap that chain restaurants claim is BBQ ribs, but really isn't.

    She ate mine, without any of my homemade sauce, and still loved them!  They only had my homemade rub on them.  She didn't see my BBQ sauce beside them for dipping.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement Frank, ever since I watched a youtube of someone over your way doing up a couple of briskets I wanted to have a crack at it. I ambled into a major hardware store recently and saw the 2929 CG and fell in love, I didn't hesitate and brought the lot, the main body, the fire box, a cover and a heap of extras. I didn't, as you thought, put it together and use it the same day rather I put it together and seasoned over two days as per instructions. It's funny how things work out at times, I used Jeff's rub as previously stated but about 4 days after I cooked it I realised that I didn't put the brown sugar in the rub.

    Sunday I try my hand at chicken wings, wish me luck.

    The following week I'm having a crack at Bearcarver's Smoked, Glazed ham. 

    Cheers from Down Under 


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    You done a bang up job on your first brisket!  Especially considering it was your very first smoke.

    I still can't get over the fact, you did a brisket right off the bat.  Hat of to you for courage, my friend!

    This thread   may help you, or not.
    It is of my "one and only" brisket cook.  So now you know I'm not an expert on them.  LOL

    But some very good advise was given in that thread.  Worth the reading.
    This site's forums are so informative and honest, it amazing.

    Post #11 of that thread shows my smoke ring of almost 1/4" after slicing 2 days later.  I'm happy with it, but all it shows is it was truly smoked.  Your's was a little thinner, probably due to too the high of temps for awhile.  Don't sweat it. It's all good!

    A smoke ring doesn't impart taste.  But does give you an indicator of how well it was smoked. (I believe anyway).
    Unless you use a cheater like Accent or meat tenderizer (I forget which it is) that causes false smoke rings.  Why do that?
    That cheat, has now caused smoke rings to be excluded from smoking competitions.  Too bad, because most smokers are proud of their honest rings.

    You'll love, and hate, your CG smoker for a year, or 2, or much longer.   They are fun, but very frustrating at the same time.  Fire control knowledge apparently takes about 300 years to learn.

    For the rest of us shorter lived people,  It's called always "doing something," to maintain the firebox and heat in cooking chamber without lifting a lid.

    Ya, right!  LOL

    The main thing I have learned with my CG is not to promise dinner at a certain time!  LOL
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