First time with Turkey Bacon-SAY WHAT-

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by wimpy69, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Ya, i know, just not the same w/o pig but overall not bad. Kicked up the spice a little, jalapeno's are stuffed with cc, chopped up fatty, some red onion and rub. No Shrinkage, yes no shrinkage-. Hot Banana's are filled with cc and a guacamole mix. Real nice, the size of the pepper made it a nice side. Oh well , till next weekend. Smoke on.


  2. c farmer

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    Man they look great.

    I am gonna try to make turkey bacon.    [​IMG]
  3. Turkey bacon??? That's heresy :)
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    I woulda said the same as Padronman except I've tried ABTs and even fatties with turkey bacon and didn't mind a bit. As long as you get it crispy so it's not leathery it's just fine.
  5. Mainly used it for my daughter's request and mommas gall bladder-Weird thing was, took some to work and got two orders for the eagles opener! Ah, high blood pressure smells like money. Next time i'll do a tray w/bacon at the same time, hopefully it will infuse aroma and make it better for the nose. I like the no shrinkage factor which creates a tighter package to lessen squeeze out when bitten. Great for me, she's tired of telling me it's in my beard. Smoke on.
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  6. People actually bit them in half?  [​IMG]

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