First time wings for the Super Bowl w/qview

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by doohop65, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Well never tried wings before but after lots of research from you guys(what my wife calls my smoker friends), I am going for broke today.

    Picked up 12# of whole wings with the mini drumsticks attached. I left the wings intact but cut the drummy off.

    From here into bags with canola oil and a couple of rubs. 2 bags got my spog rub per the mrs and one bag got my overflow rib/butt/other pork piece rub.(it is a jar where I mix all my dabbles of this and leftover dabbles of that). Hopefully they have a good taste.

    Planning to smoke on my uds around 300 degrees for 1.5 hours or until done.

    Will coat in 3 different saucesy brother in law is bringing from Buffalo Wild Wings. He loves their sauce so who am I to argue.

    More qview to follow and feel free to offer tips to this wing vergin.
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    Sounds good, have fun with it ! Doing some wings today myself. Getting ready to start injecting here in a couple hours. I asked the other day for suggestions on doing wings and got a lot of responses. So I will eventually try all the recipes shared with me, but think I'll try the injection recipe today. WHB
  4. Thanks guys. I am thinking about making one sauce myself. My wife has a multi slot nesco so I can do a variety.

    I am cheering for Denver myself. I am a Wisconsin boy and love Russell Wilson but I can't cheer to Pete Carroll.

    WHB. Good luck with your wings. Will you sauce after injecting and deep fry to finish? I don't deep fry so I hope I can high heat them to a good crisp.
  5. I am diving into my big batch today after my 'test batch' (an excuse to have a couple beers while I made my dinner) that I posted about yesterday on this thread

    I actually bought some Wing-Time Medium Wing sauce and combined it about 1:1 with Guy Fieri's Kansas city Smokey and Sweet barbeque sauce with mine it was a good combination of sweet and tangy. 

    I think I'm going to use that as a baste on half the batch I'm doing today when I crisp 'em up on the gas grill after smoking them for a couple hours.

    THANKS FOR SHARING and good luck... This is a GREAT forum with great ideas!
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    Injecting makes all the difference in the world on wings.
  7. Just had my "sous chef" (18 month old) fill the charcoal chummy and prepare for the lighting.

    Usually use good lump for myself but with this crowd will be using some old kingsford and apple wood. Hoping to put on in about an hour. Will post more pics than.
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    Can't go wrong with kingsford. Tried and true.
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    I smoke a loose version of scarbelly wings and use hickory and kingsford. Even down around 225 they don't take long. I usually add hot sauce on top of the random different sauces I smoke them with and throw them on the grill after. Crisps them up a bit if you smoke at lower temps like I do.
  10. On they go. The UDS was at 305 when I put them on. Going double decker so hopefully that works out and we get decent airflow.

    Might have them packed in a little tight and not getting a good temp but will give it a little time before I mess with it.

    5 degrees is not ideal outside temp.

  11. They aren't perfect but a good effort.

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