First Time Whole Chicken Smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by vosserr, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. vosserr

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    Well, everything has finally arrived. I have my 18.5" WSM, Maverick ET-732 probes, lump charcoal, and cherry wood chunks. After looking over a lot of advice in this forum, I am hoping this will lay a solid foundation as a get more serious about smoking. What I really need though are some tips and pointers for my first ever smoke with two whole chickens.

    I figured that with two whole chickens (Costco) I can get a better feeling for getting the temp right for my smoker, while also not wasting the more pricier meats if it doesn't turn out well. Not looking to create any mind blowing BBQ just yet, but really trying to get the most out of my first attempt.

    It would be incredibly helpful if you guys gave the steps you take into smoking a whole chicken from being thawed to final product. Some information that could be useful would be using brine or no brine, recipes for a brine and the wait time, what steps you take from brine to smoker, cooking temps, finished internal temps, cooking times, etc.

    Additionally, with those of you that are more familiar with the WSM's, I would appreciate some tips on how to utilize it in the best way. For example, how much water for water pan, emptying the ashes, how many chunks of wood (wood is smoke ready and slightly larger than a fist), and setting the vents for optimal smoke control? 

    Smoking up here in Cleveland, OH. Will definitely be posting final product pictures (if all turns out well, of course lol)
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    Hey vosserr, chicken is easy peazy to smoke.  Brining adds flavor and moisture through the meat.  Injecting helps too but isn't absolutely necessary.  Below is my favorite way to do chicken now on my WSM.  You can skip the beer can and the Prague #1 pink salt.  Your cherry wood will work fine too. The rest should give you some ideas.  If your refrigerator is big enough you can leave the chickens in a big pot in the frig while they brine.
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  3. vosserr

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    Awesome post! This is exactly what I was looking for. I checked out your other post as well and it was incredibly helpful. Looking forward to eating good this weekend!
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    [​IMG], Here's to your first Smoke . May it be all you can hope for and the BBQ gods smile on you.[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  5. vosserr

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  6. vosserr

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    Finally broke the seal and finished my first smoke. Major credit goes to Noboundaries for helping me out with a solid brine and smoking tips! This place is great. Next week is going to be babybacks with some cherry wood, then I think it's time to take on a boston butt and brisket.

    The chicken came out beyond belief, incredibly juicy and lots of smoke flavor. The family couldn't get enough! Definitely think I won the favorite sibling award for the day ha
  7. noboundaries

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    Happy to help vosserr.  Your pics look great!  Food that makes family smile creates memories that last a lifetime.
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  8. I started with a chicken for my first time smoking too. I was pleasantly suprised when it turned out great! lol

    Glad it went well for you

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