First time using charcoal!

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by bigbaddodge, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. bigbaddodge

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    And I'm excited!!!! Never used a charcoal grill/smoker but have been wanting one for a few years. Fired up my roughly 10yr old bbq pro propane this year and the burners finally about rotted through on the end! Started looking at gas grills (mind you I always got someone's old hand me down grill that was junk but better then the junk I had at the moment! Never had a brand new grill) I would have really liked one like my pops has but at $400 I just wasn't feeling it, so decided to go with a good ole weber 22.5"!! Assembly tomorrow and hopefully grilling this weekend!

    Any newbie tips or tricks I should know? Figured I'd start small, cheap and easy with some burgers.
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Looks like your all set & congrats to ya ! Have the same grill & looks like ya have all the accessories, the only thing I may suggest if ya wanna smoke with it, is maybe pickin up a Smokenator ... It's a pretty nice little unit to do some smokin with your Weber... Ya may wanna check it out, kinda handy ! Again congrats on the new grill !! That's an awesome feeling to get a new one... Just enjoy gettin everything put together and maybe enjoy a few adult beverages along the way....
  3. I just saw your post. I've only used 22.5 Webers since grilling with my Dad. My current Weber kettle finally rusted away after 18 years. I went to buy another 22.5 and found a deal at HD. I'll never have a gas grill. The 22.5 is perfect. Start the charcoal and by the time you drink a beer (or two) its ready to go. You'll never need another setup. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys on You Tube, they only cook with the 22.5. They slow smoke and grill without any extras. The Smokenator is cool though. Have fun!!
  4. Most times i'll fill the charcoal basket. Place 3-4 fire starters unthe the basket. 20-30 minutes later, you're good for hours and hours!

    Since I switched to charcoal. I cant see myself going back.

    Here's something I heard on Iron Chef

    Alton Brown

    "Even an old boot tastes great if it's cooked over charcoal"
  5. forktender

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    Check out this video...........

    Or you can always invest in a "PartyQ" when you have a few bucks saved up.

    I use one on my Weber when I don't feel like baby sitting the grill on longer smokes.

    I can get about 11 1/2 hours with the partyQ.

    The best advice I can give you is take your time and have fun and buy a good thermometer to monitor smoke temps !

    Temp control is pretty easy with the Weber , the only draw back is grill space on long smokes.

    Good luck

  6. foamheart

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    15% preparation, 5% luck, and 80% patience....... If the pit senses stress, it auto turns the fire off.  No stress allowed. Common sense, and have fun with it. Relax and smell the smoke.
  7. bigbaddodge

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    Sorry guys been busy, tried it out with some burgers, I must say I've been missing out, came out perfect and tasted amazing, I'm doing some steaks tonight:biggrin:

    Was over helping a friend weld some stuff onto a mustang he's building and he gave me this brand new never been used char-broil! So maybe next weekend we'll be trying to smoke with it

    I was wondering if you're grilling or smoking for awhile how do you know when it's time to add more charcoal, is it by temp or when the coals look to be about used up?

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