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  1. Got a 7 lb slab of spare ribs...not my first time to smoke but I've never did ribs of any kind before so I'm going to try out the 3-2-1 method as a reference and see how she goes. Rubbed in a mustard style ban sauce and rubbed...going over hickory lump and hickory and pear wood....I'll try and get some qview going
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    Looking good!   [​IMG]
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    I'm in fireman!
  4. After 3 hrs on at going into foil with butter and Brown sugar
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    Keep it up!
  6. Well I forgot to continue with pictures but they did not turn out well...good flavor....good smoke...good bark but little pull back on the bones and not near tender enough....would have left them longer but family was hear to eat so had no choice...they were edible but definitely my worst product so far
  7. Feel for ya there. That's happened to me plenty of times when I needed another hour and things would have been perfect. Still looked really good though. :)
  8. Also do I need to butcher these Or what does everyone do with there spare ribs...
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    We've all been there man !

    You have a couple options... Some folks will cut them into St. Louis style & some will smoke em just trimmed up a little (cut off extra fat & remove the membrane, etc.) ... I've done both & I like em either way really. If your going for ease when eating, trimming up to St. Louis is a better option IMO ! If ya wanna dig in and crack a few bones while eating... Just trim em up & go for it !

    If ya do cut em into St. Louis style, save the extra trimmings for a snack off the grill or when done, dice em up a bit & toss in some of Dutchs beans ! This is all just my 2 cents for what it's worth !
  10. I do as a complete spare rib other then the membrane. I smoke them to the color I like then wrap them with foil with butter ,brown sugar and apple juice.they turn out great. Just a suggestion
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  11. Thanks for suggestions...I just can't believe that 6 hrs wouldn't have been enough time....I was worried about being to much and having my ribs done much sooner than I wanted...oh well you live you learn...I've only been smoking for about two months now but this is my first poor product out of about 8 smokes so all in all I'm pretty happy...just got to try again
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    Few things to watch for, just as a little help.... Ya can do the toothpick test, the bend test & also ya can look for the meat on the ends of the bones to shrink or pull back usually bout a half inch or so ! I don't like my ribs fall off the bone, I like a little bite or slight tug off the bone.... That's just my personal preference though !
  13. Do you wrap or smoke naked the whole time...I did the bend test and was looking for the bone...I knew they weren't done just didn't have the time to finish them properly
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    Honestly, I've never foiled...

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