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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ebro, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Well tried my first thing in the smoker did a whole chicken got the IT to 170 then wrapped it in tin foil for about half an hour it looked amazing but it was still pink in some spots and some spots had blood what did I do wrong????
  2. caribou89

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    You need to check the temp at the thickest point, and make sure your therm isn't resting on a bone.
  3. I had it right in the breast in the thickest part and defiantly was not touching bone
  4. smokinadam

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    I have had that occur also from smoking chicken. Not a chef by no means but my thought is that it's slower cooking and the bone causes this. I've check numerous spots for temps when I cook chicken and make sure it's safe. Not sure if it's resting that does it. Never got sick from eating any of mine that did that and they tasted good. If someone does know the reasoning behind this id be interested in knowing. I'm not a poultry expert and never had issues with this when I do it over really high heated grill.

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