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Discussion in 'Pork' started by signalguys, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Hello All,

    I finally got to use my ProQ Excel 20 Smoker for the first time yesterday. I bought it three years ago for $90 and it has been in storage ever since because I moved to an apartment and did not have room for it on the balcony.

    I smoked a 9 pound Pork Shoulder and threw on a Top Round (London Broil) just to see how it would go.

    I had a hard time controlling the temp and could not hit the 180-190 I was looking for. I could not stay up too late as I had to be someplace very early this morning. Someone suggested that I modify the smoker to electric for better control.

    Here is how it went:

    7:30 Setup Smoker and lit Charcoal

    8:00 Smoker 175F Pork 95F

    9:00 Smoker 175 Pork 116

    10:00 Smoker 230 Pork 125 Added Charcoal

    11:00 Smoker 260 Pork 145 Sprayed with Apple Cider/Apple Vinegar Mix

    12:00 Smoker 260 Pork 156 Sprayed and added Charcoal

    12:30 Removed Top Round as quick as I could. Turned out pretty good although rub was a little spicy.

    1:00 Smoker 210 Pork 154 Sprayed and added Charcoal

    2:00 Smoker 220 Pork 160 Sprayed and added Charcoal

    3:00 Smoker 220 Pork 165 Sprayed

    4:00 Smoker 210 Pork 165 Sprayed and added Charcoal

    5:00 Smoker 225 Pork 165 Sprayed

    6:00 Smoker 220 Pork 163 Sprayed and added Charcoal

    7:00 Smoker 230 Pork 165 Sprayed

    7:30 Smoker 210 Pork 168 Removed Pork, wrapped in foil, wrapped in heavy towel and placed in a cooler

    8:00 Unwrapped Pork, it hit 170. We cut a few slices, it was good, moist and nice smoke ring.

    I had a few more slices at lunch today and it is good. I'm wondering if it is worth all the effort though. I think if I smoke more things at one time it would be more worth the effort.

    Anyone have suggestions/comments as to what to do/not do next time?


  2. everytime i start trimming shoulders, i think man this is a lot of work. but when tou see people get excited about what there eating its all worth it. it dont get any better, keep on smokin.
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    What was the internal on the top round when you took it out?

    You kept the smoker in the right zone of 220° - 260°, but your temp kept dropping every time you opened it, decreasing the opportunity to raise your internal temp to 180°/190°.   I would inject the butt first and it will leak out as it cooks, self-basting the roast and forgo the spraying.  Only open the smoker when absolutely necessary.  Less work, more enjoyment and quality icy cold beverage time and faster results.  But, 12 hrs for a 9 lb butt is excellent and about on track, you had a 5 hr stall and it was just coming out of it when you pulled it.  It was completely done at 168° and in one to two hours would have finished at 180°-190° no problem.  Great job!  Any Qview though?

    BTW, if you would kindly go to Roll Call and introduce yourself and a brief history that way we can officially welcome you!  Plus, please put your location in your profile also!

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