First Time Smoking. Whole chicken and St. Luis Ribs w/ Q-View

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by disturbed724, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Hopefully I do this correctly. I saw it said one "Q-View" I hope that doesn't mean only one picture. Anyways here you go folks.

    Spat cocked the chicken and rubbed both with a dry rub.

    Chicken was brined for 20 Hrs in the slaughterhouse brine.

    Cook time about 4 hours for the chicken and about 5 for the ribs.

    Overall, not bad I made some mistakes that I need to correct but not bad for the first time lol. Hope everyone enjoys!
  2. Nicely done!
  3. knifebld

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    Congrats on your first smoke, pretty awesome no??

    Did you follow the 3-2-1 on those ribs or some other process?

    What was your process with the chicken?
  4. @knifebld  absolutely awesome! other than burning the inside of my nose lol. Umm, yep 3-2-1 method on the ribs. I think I could have done 2-2-1 but ah, live and learn. Chicken was spat cocked brined for 20 hrs. injected and rubbed. place breast up for 2 1/2 hrs then breast down for 1 1/2. foiled both for the last hour or so they had. I learned some valuable things:

    1. I believe my custom smoker is a stickburner not charcoal. I found myself have to refuel it about 2 hours in.

    2. do not mistaking grab match light bag instead of regular. realized I grabbed the wrong one and dumped it in. I had an inferno, and ribs kind of tasted lighter fluidish.

    3. cooking time was faster than expected. should have been a total of 6 hrs in smoker, it was but I brought temps way down about 4 1/2 hrs in. temp on meat was 10 degrees from finishing temp.

    Overall, I'll keep tinkering with it and get it right someday. I had a blast doing it that's for sure. all advice and input welcomed.
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    LMFAO...My brother made that mistake on his first smoke....that little smoker when from 0 to 400 in like 15 seconds! Thin blue smoke...not for him, his was thick, black, and the smoker was ready to shoot off into space!!!

    Too funny! Cheers!

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