First time smoking--We did ribs.

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by becky3086, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Finally got our electric MES 30 seasoned yesterday and decided to smoke some ribs. Came on here and looked and looked. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find information for a new person here. I found you should use the 3-2-1 method but then I could not find an explanation of what that actually was. If you put it in the search engine it gives 158 pages and the first 17 or so don't actually tell you what it is and then you get one thread that vaguely tells you, lol. Anyway, we did the best we could with what information I could find. I am sorry but I did not get a picture of when we first put the ribs in but did get a couple after the first 3 hours.

    We had the smoker set on 240 and it stayed between 230 and 240. We had no trouble keeping a thin blue smoke since I had read on here not to put a whole cup of chips in. I had a rub on them and when they were in the foil I sprayed them with apple cider vinegar.

    Here is after the first three hours:



    And this is them completely done. These were absolutely the best ribs we had ever eaten.


    Although this is my smoker, I only got to load chips in it once when Phil got busy. Phil took right over the "fire" part right off and seemed to enjoy smoking as much as I did. He definitely enjoyed the eating part.

    We also tried to do baked potatoes in the smoker with these. I had them in for the last three hours but they had to be finished in the oven besides that we had turnips and sourdough bread (I'll post picture of it in the Bread section).
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    Thank you. That was what I was looking for yesterday but never did find. I am sure we will do many more ribs in the future. I also have some whole chickens I want to try and a pork roast.
  4.   Becky, those ribs look great. They are one of my very favorites. Sorry you had trouble finding info you wanted. It took me a while to find my way around on the forum

    in the beginning. The "wikis" are some good reading and explain a lot of things that seem vague at first ( like all the acronyms ).

     I notice ( because I keep odd hours) that there are often people on here at odd hours to give a quick answer to a posted question.

     Looks like you got Phil hooked on smoking food too.

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    congrats those look great[​IMG]
  6. becky3086

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    What are wikis? lol.

    I didn't dare ask. I see too many posts where people are told the answers are all here just "search" for them. Everyone gets tired of answering the same old questions, I guess.
  7. Those look AWESOME...Good Job!!!!!
  8.   It's like our own little Wikipedia. Just look at the top of the page where you see "Home   Smokers & More  Forum  Wiki   My Profile" and click on the link.

  9.   I tried several way to do potatoes in the smoker but the low temps wanted to dehydrate them instead. What I like best is to microwave them until just done, rub with butter, and smoke right on the rack for about an hour. Adjust the time to your own tastes but we love them like this, great smoke flavor.

  10. Great looking ribs Becky! Just an observation though, next time turn the metal racks around. I keep the sloped section towards the back of the smoker so when you pull the racks out they don't fall
  11. For first time smoke, those ribs look great! I've never done potatoes, but I see they are rubbed with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and salt and pepper prior to smoking them.
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    The ribs look great Becky. If you ever need help just send one us Mods a PM and we will try to steer you in the right direction  
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    Nice looking ribs Becky.  It does seem like we are all ex-military around here with all the Mods,  PMs, EVOO and all.[​IMG]  But it is funny that after a while it becomes second nature. "Acrophobia" The Local news was having a Super Bowl munchies segment and the cook told the reporter he was making ABTs...I think the reporter was sorry that he asked further 
  14. becky3086

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    Thanks all. The racks didn't fall out when we pulled them out [​IMG]  but then the ribs weren't that big either. I'll keep it in mind though as I do heavier things.

    I'll check out the wikis thanks.

    I don't know what ABT's stands for either. [​IMG]
  15. Hey Becky, everything looks great!  Congrats on the ribs!

    As for ABTs, they're stuffed jalapeno peppers that are halved.  It stands for Atomic Buffalo T***s....

    Stuffed with either cheese mix (of your choice) or whatever and then wrapped in bacon and smoked.  The filling can really be anything you like, cheese or sausage or what ever.

    Also, and I'm not trying to be a wiseguy here by any means - only trying to help you out a bit -  but the search function on this forum is great.  There's a standard search bar on the top of almost every screen and then there's the advanced search function if you really want to drill down into the detail.

    Here's a link to a quick search I did on the forum for ABT's.  Hope this helps!

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    Great job Becky. Ribs look really nice!
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    Actually, I had the same problem when I started. I have thought recently I need to explain rather than assume because there are lots of lurkers and new people who don't know some of the things we skip.

    Looks like they turned out great though! Now go and buy an AMZNPS there is usually a sponsor link on the right side of the main screen or just Private Message Todd Johnson for more info. Your ribs and other foods will never be the same! (in a good way!)
  18. Ribs look [​IMG] great job..
  19. Ribs look great....[​IMG].... I do potatoes in the smoker and always finish them in the oven. All you really need the smoker for is to get the smoky flavor. Once you've got that ya may as well getem cooked and finished fast....Remember....smoke it like its the last one....[​IMG]

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