First time smoking venison summer sausage with complete recipe and how to guide

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rnyboy, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. countryboy-q

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    Going give this a try! Looks great!
  2. zink

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    Thanks for the recipe and the how to guide! I just bought a meat grinder and a MES 40, now all I need to do is kill a deer this weekend.

    Brand new to smoking, so this will be my first adventure! Thanks again!
  3. litterbug

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    Does anyone know the substitution ratio if I were to use Morton Tender Quick instead of Prague powder? (Ingredients list #5 and #6). Thank you in advance.
  4. boykjo

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    Mortons tenderquick is 1 1/2 tsp per lb for ground meat. You will have to omit the salt in the recipe if it called for cure #1
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  5. bill ace 350

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    Got 2 deer this season, and had the processor add pork to the ground meat. Definitely going to try this recipe very soon. Thanks for sharing!
  6. turkeysteve

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    Hi all

    I'd like to try this recipe this weekend. Somewhat new to making stix and sausage. Is the buttermilk powdered or liquid?
  7. turkeysteve

    turkeysteve Newbie

    Hi all

    Going to try this recipe this weekend. New to smoking stix and sausage. Is the buttermilk powder or liquid?
  8. boykjo

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    It looks like the low fat buttermilk was a liquid in this recipe. I dont see low fat buttermilk in a powder form although you can use saco cultured buttermilk in powder form for tang
  9. turkeysteve

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    Thanks. Mixed and stuffed a batch last night. Smoking it tomorrow.
  10. riclark

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    Thanks for the recipe! Made a 10# batch, as listed above, it's very tastey!
  11. just mixed up a batch.cant wait to try this after smoking tomorrow 
  12. jhend

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    Let us know how it turns out

  13. ready to go in the smoker in the a.m. smoked the small one tonight this is a very good recipe .i think the other three will be even better tomorrow 
  14. boykjo

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  15. I used step #6 as a means of cooking some vension summer sausage and came out with sausage with a thick tough exterior, about 1mm thick, but it still tasted great.  Did you only put the water pan in after you raised the temperature to 170 degrees, or during the 4 hour smoke at 150 degrees?  It doesn't really affect the flavor, it just get it like a beef jerky like exterior that still was really good.  I used an AMZNPS and about a 65/35 blend of cherry/hickory in mine.  One day i'll get around to trying this recipe in it's entirety.
  16. My results using step #6, I think it ended up being in there for about 7-8 hours to bring it up to 155 degrees, may be due to how I had some foil in my smoker on top of the smoke tray which is where I put my 65/35 blend.

  17. fanci

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    That is such a fantastic tutorial and photo!  Thank you for the step by step write up.   I have never smoked or made sausage but have always wanted to.  Have learned a lot from your post.  Great looking summer sausage!
  18. tom gallopavo

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    Tried this myself, came out great, thanks!

  19. this was good enough that i have to make another batch this batch is 50% venison 50% fatty pork looking foward to smoking it sunday
  20. After looking at the pictures, I just had to try this. I had no luck in the deer hunt so no venison. I used three pounds of  80/20 ground beef. (that's all I had on hand) No buttermilk, so I soured some coffee cream not realizing that the culture was suppose to help the fermenting process.( I don't know whether this made any difference) Took it out of the smoker, cooled it in ice water and put it in the fridge to rest for two days. OMG!! I don't need any other recipe. I only made three pounds and with family and friends, it was gone immediately.My wife, who is European, said it was exactly like the smoked lunch meats she grew up on.

    Starting another batch today. This time, five pounds.Again with the beef.

    Thank you for posting this recipe.

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