First time smoking tri-tip

Discussion in 'Beef' started by julius, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. julius

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    Hey folks,
    Gonna smoke a tri tip tomorrow in my MES 30 using mesquite pellets. Seasoned it tonight with EVOO, kosher salt, cracked black pepper and garlic powder. Sitting in the refer overnight. Was wondering if anyone had any tips? Also, I was planning on pulling it out at 130*ish but has anyone ever tried smoking to 200* IT(like you would brisket?
  2. julius

    julius Fire Starter

    Here it is all seasoned and ready for nap in the refer.
  3. smokinal

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    We like ours rare so we pull them around 125, and with a 15 minute rest they come up to about 130.

    Tri tip should be cooked to med at most, if you take it to 200 it will be like a piece pf dried up shoe leather.

    Most go for med/rare, which is what you will get pulling it at 130.

    Good luck!

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  4. dirtsailor2003

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  5. julius

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    Thanks guys!
    That's pretty much what I was thinking. I usually aim for medium because the Mrs and kiddos don't like it medium rare. They'll come around eventually. 😋
    French dip sammies sounds pretty good. Maybe we'll do that the next day! Or Philly cheesesteaks! I'm drooling already.
    Anymore ideas for leftovers? It's about a 3# roast so we should have at least half left for the next day.
  6. pit 4 brains

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    First tri tip is on!   <------- this was a good one.
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  7. julius

    julius Fire Starter

    Thanks again for all the tips, fellas! Points all around!

    Just pulled the TT at 133* IT. And gave it a quick sear on my gas grill. I just love what a reverse sear does to beef!

    Anyway here's a pic!
  8. julius

    julius Fire Starter

    Oh, and I smoked it at 220* for 2hrs15min.
  9. b-one

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    Looks tasty,any sliced shots?:drool
  10. smokeymose

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    I wouldn't bank too much on leftovers :)
  11. julius

    julius Fire Starter

    Just sliced it after about an hour rest while I made the smashed taters and smoked some green beans(didn't want to waste pellets that were still burning)
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  12. redheelerdog

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    Wow Julius! Great job on the TT!

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  13. julius

    julius Fire Starter

    Thx! I think this was one of my best smokes. Ive got a full belly and I'm eeling pretty good right about now.
  14. julius

    julius Fire Starter

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  15. First Tri Tip

    Didn’t get to fix the Tri Tip until last Sunday but it was sure worth it!!  What was predicted to be a cool but cloudy rain-less day was COLD and a very rainy – UCK.  And no… no pictures! I had enough  to work on between raindrops and also too rushed to get the meat on the table. Bad timing all around.

    Had to cook it anyway so while I planned to smoke per JJ’s your suggestions and finish on the Weber grill I was sort of forced to abandon the Weber and broil inside instead. Worked out fine to my taste but will plan on the Weber for better flavor next time.

    I made JJ’s Au Jus (fantastic) and soaked the girls meat in it to destroy any evidence of red or pink! As predicted, they liked it that way. Silly women!

    What a great piece of tender and flavorful meat. Beats the hell out of Filet any day. Filet always seem rather dry (so little fat) and not much taste. Tender sure but no rival to Tri Tip or a rib eye.

    I just used the Montreal seasoning as suggested in SMF but would try a rub next time. Something with more flavor but not too over powering as the meat has so much flavor built in. May do another this weekend if my son and daughter in law come over. They will favor medium rare!!

    I am having so much fun with SMF and all the help I get. Many thanks 

    DWD in Richardson, TX 
  16. masssmoke

    masssmoke Fire Starter

    anyone know if tri-tip is available in New England? I have never found it near me, but maybe I just need to look a bit harder
  17. I asked the meat department head at Kroger and he told me didn't carry Tri Tips but for me. He also told me that he knew of another Kroger that did carry them. He said most people are not familiar with Tri Tips nor the price. The real meat cutters know and recommend for good eating.

    Ask the person in charge and see if they will order them for you. Mine told me they come in a box and I could pick the ones I want and he'd put whatever I didn't take in the case to sell. When I picked the two I wanted they opened the cry-ovac and trimmed them leaving me some fat cap. Actually saved me as they were $5.99#.

    Ask around. They're worth it!

  18. julius

    julius Fire Starter

    I'm actually gonna do another one today!
  19. rawbz36

    rawbz36 Newbie

    are you putting any water in the pan? Thanks Following your idea right now. 

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