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  1. Tomorrow is m first time using my new Brinkman Off-Set grill. I will be smoking St. Louis-style ribs. I plan to use mesquite wood and a charcoal starter cube. In addition to being excited about using my new smoker, I am also a little nervous.

    What would you guys recommend for internal and external temps and cooking time?  Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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  2. robcava

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    Cook at 225. Don't bother with internal temp for the toothpick test (goes in like knife through butter) or the bend test.

    As for time depends if you are going to foil them (3-2-1) method or not. But in ball park for 5 to 6 hours.

    Good luck on the maiden voyage in the new rig. Post pics!
  3. Tell me more about foiling please. When should I actually foil it - before or during? Does that add to the cooking time? Etc.
  4. tropics

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    Steve the 3hr 2hr 1hr some people like fall of the bone that will do it.

    smoke 3hrs

    foil 2 hrs.

    on the smoker or grill 1 hr to tighten them up or sauce 

    I do 3 hrs smoke 2 foil put the sauce on and rest 
  5. Just s I understand ... you o a five hour smoke in total - 3 without foil/2 in foil?
  6. tropics

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    That is how I like them. I forgot to mention put some apple juice or beer in when you foil them.Don't forget to take pics.
  7. Thank you, sir!!!!
  8. tropics

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  9. Lol! I'm in Pennsaken, NJ (just outside of Philly). Today I b ought Royal Charcoal and Brinkman Mesquite wood. Hope this is a good combination.  Correct me if I'm wrong please, but the wood doesn't get put on until the charcoal is ready, right?

    As always I welcome any advice, tips, and feedback.


  10. So you just do 3-2, not 3-2-1???
  11. tropics

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    Yes the last hr. is to firm them up.I am not familiar with your smoker but I think the coal lit then wood would work. 
  12. oldschoolbbq

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    Steve, Welcome  . You have a loaded question , some of us do different ways . I do not foil (ouch , that darn word again) , I will Rub fresh out of the Fridge , place on my

    preheated Smoker @ 225*F , shut the lid and at 4.5 hrs. check the tenderness with the bend test.

    I don't look at them , I do not peek at them , I do not spritz  . I let them soak up all the Love I am giving them . . .

    is on the grate ,

    This one was tested and removed ,

    is the bend test , grab one end or the middle of the Rack to see if it cracks with no josseling around ( slinging and jerking)

    out of the Fridge .

    packed , these are good , no marinadeing or Brining needed ,

    is my unit

    Baby Back

    the Smoker , right after Rubbing.

    must have good clean smoke, wait after starting the fire , until the temp. and smoke are right .

    You said you'd be using Mesquite , be careful , it is a strong smoke may get a bitter taste from to much.

    Hope you have a great Smoke .

    Have fun and . . .
  13. robcava

    robcava Meat Mopper

    I second on being careful w mesquite. I love it together w hickory for pulled pork bc you need a lot of smoke. With ribs you can overdo the smoke w mesquite pretty easy. Just a couple chunks is all you need. Or use something milder...some hickory and a fruit wood mix like Apple is good.
  14. Thanks again, all!!! I really appreciate all the help!!!!!

  15. grillmonkey

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    Check out these videos, they will give you a visual image of much of the advice you are getting:


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