First time smoking butts w Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by creeks, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Well thanks to all the great tips hints throughout the site, I've decided to give it a go.  I'll update throughout my 1st all nighter.  Of course in my panic and over concern forgot to get pics before the rub.

  2. Being a noob, had to wait on approval for my post so sorry for the delay.  Here's the rest of the Q-view.  Did 2 butts (8 1/4 & 10 1/4) hit the stall at 160 but only for a couple hours.

  3. Sunday morning decided due to space I would just due the beer can chicken on the grill.  here it is rubbed up and right before I pulled it off.


  4. After reading about them so much, I figured it would be worth sitting down and eating unless I added some ABTs to the party.  Made them with cream cheese, sharp cheedar, and crabmeat.  1st shot at them and definitely got great reviews from the flavor, but there was little to no heat.  Will probably add a little heat to the mixture next time as well.


    1 hour in.


    Of course when they came off people dove into them, so I didn't get the pic when finished.  Gotta plan better next time.
  5. Butts actually took less time than I estimated thought they would.  Foiled both at 165, and then took them off when the big one was at 196 and the small at 198.  They were on the smoker 15 hrs then wrapped and to the cooler.  Small one sta in the cooler about 1 1/2 hrs and the larger about 4 and it was still smoking hot when I to it out to pull it.  Bottom line huge flavor and success.  Going to leave one out of the foil next time to work the bark.

    Almost time to foil


    Time to eat.  Pulled it and added some finishing sauce.  Make your tongue slap your brain good..


    HUGE thanks to all the information here on this site.  I'm a member for life.
  6. schemy

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    That all looks like it turned out great. Good job.
  7. new2que

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    Looks great, especially the peppers!  My experience when stuffing them is that you either get the heat, or you dont.  Sometimes it will even be different from one pepper to the next.  That looked great though! MMMMMM.

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