First time smoking brisket

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by santozang7, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Smoking an 8 lb brisket for my first time in a master built electric smoker. How long should I let it smoke at 225 degrees ? Does anybody suggest putting it in the oven after a certain amount of time in the smoker? Thank you, santo.
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    First I can't highly enough recommend you get a remote thermometer. Walmart etc has them. Seriously makes a new smoker into an old pro.

    Smoking Brisket (Marinate overnight, then 220 degrees to an IT of 175, foil and return till 190, ensure its happy with the toothpick test then bag and tag for an hour or so. Tip: Toothpick)

    That's pretty basic, its never the same its not an exact science without a thermometer to moniter IT. Estimate.... hmmmm... 1& 1/2 hours per pound but that's only a really crude guesstamation.

    You smoke or bake by temperature , not so much time. Course some sources will give you things like:

    "  Seal pan with foil or with tight lid. Cook in slow oven at 300 for 45 minutes per pound, about 6 hours."

    I personally use the IT (Internal Temperature) w/ the toothpick. It will NOT be done and will be tuff at 190 degrees its not finished cooking. remember to bag and tag it.
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    Yep, what Kevin said.

    Get a thermometer.

    Your brisket will be tender & juicy at 200-205.

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