first time smoking brats - awesome

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by chorizodahitman, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. First off, sorry, no Q-View.  So last week I asked if I should smoke brats and was told to just do my normal grill routine and boil them in beer and grill them (just add some wood to the grill).  Well, since I was doing a big tailgate for the Broncos/Steelers game, I didn't have time to do everything.  So I decided I would smoke the brats while I was preparing everything else (making stuffed burgers to grill, making chili).  I placed about 5 pounds of brats in a big foil roaster pan then covered them with about 3 cans of beer.  I put some minced garlic, onion salt, and pepper into the beer.  Without soaking the chips, I put a few handfuls into my smoker and put the pan in for 3 hours.  When it was time to go, I foiled the pan, let them soak and cook in the hot beer, and drove to the stadium.  At the tailgate, we threw them on the grill long enough to brown then ate them.  Best brats I have ever had!  Planning on doing this again.
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    sounds very good - yummy
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    Sounds like a great way to do Brats.  
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    Sounds real good! Next time take some photo's, we would love to see your work!

  5. I know.  I usually do, was rushed big time on Sunday.  They looked good, and smelled awesome coming off the smoker.  Was wondering if they would carry any smoky taste, and it was a perfect blend of sausage, beer, and smoke.  Sucks that there will be no more tailgates or back yard parties for a few months.

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