First time smoking baby back ribs....need opinions (w/ QView)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pgsrx07, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. pgsrx07

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    Hi everyone, 

    This is my first time ever smoking ribs and I used the 2-2-1 method.  This was a practice run as I'm going to cook 3 more racks tomorrow am before the football games.  I used Jeff's rub and BBQ sauce on baby back ribs from Costco (FYI Costco REMOVES THE MEMBRANE FROM THEIR BABYBACKS FOR YOU!).  They tasted ALMOST perfect but there are couple things that I wanted opinions about from the more seasoned smokers here.   I used a GMG Jim Bowie at 225 deg.  

    Here is a picture of the ribs after using the mustard + rub.  

    Here are the ribs after 2 hours with the foil on. I added some 100% apple juice to the pan and applied Jeffs bbq sauce

    Here is after the final hour of cooking without foil with bbq sauce re-applied

    Here was the finished product after 5 hours total.  I let them rest for 30 minutes and then tried to cut them and this is when i discovered my issues.

    The bark was awesome and they had a great smoke ring.  However they were slightly dry and the bones were falling OFF of the meat.  It was a little too much for me.  I couldn't even pick up the rack with out the whole thing falling apart.  So here is where I need help..

    Do you think I should change and only do 2-2-30min? Would that help prevent the overcooking?  Or are there other things I can do to keep them from drying out and falling apart too much.

    thank you in advance for your opinion!
  2. woodcutter

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    Try 2:1-1/2: 1 The middle braising cook is where most of the intense cooking is taking place. One question: Did you remove the ribs and set directly on a rack for the last part of the smoke?
  3. Are you using a good thermometer to confirm you are actually indeed running @ 225*?

     You should not rely on built-in thermometers alone for accurate temp readings...

    Assuming your target temp is confirmed, my next question would be if you smoked the ribs in the aluminum pan the entire time?

    The pan is fine to use during the "middle" part of 2-2-1 while you are wrapping in foil, but during the first and last stages the ribs should be placed directly on the rack of the smoker.
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  4. dougmays

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    that middle 2 is where your really going make the meat fall off the you need to dial that down if you want them more firm. I usually do more of a 2.5-1-1
  5. pgsrx07

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    thanks for the replies everyone!

    @dougmays  thanks, I'll dial it down to 1hr for the middle next time!

    @Squatch  I was using a Maverick thermometer as well.  I had them foiled in the pan for the "middle" and uncovered in the pan for the last hour.  Next time I will try placing them right on the rack for the last hour.  Thanks!

    @Woodcutter  I did not remove them from the pan for the last hour, they were left in the pan uncovered. I will try that next time, Thanks!
  6. dougmays

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    its not an exact have to try different timings and find what works for you. good luck!

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