First time smoking a brisket!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ryson96, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. So I smoked my first brisket and it turned out pretty good. I got the bark how I thought I would want it. It took a long time and I was continually messing with the fire for 14 hours to try and keep a steady temp but it was worth it!

  2. larosa94x

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    damn man! looks juicy and tender! mind sharing your process.. i just did my second brisket over the weekend and it was my second failure.. maybe im just too hard on myself haha, my father seemed to love it however.
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    Looks great!

  4. Ya. So about 5am i started my fire and i had the brisket on at 6:30am. Tried to keep the temp best i could at 250. It was a 10 pound brisket.I wrapped it at the 6th hour in foil and then i took it off when the internal temp what like 199. i let it sit for about an hour then i cut into it and it was so tough that i HAD to put it back on which killed my soul lol. so then after that another 3 hours smoking it and then i took it off at 9pm. ate it at 10pm. it was a struggle but it came out pretty good. i dont think you want to follow my procedure on this one since i took it off to early. i think what killed me was that i was watching the internal temp instead of just feeling the meet or doing a tooth pick test. I used oak wood the whole time. and just course ground pepper and kosher salt for my rub.

    Let me know your situation and i may be able to give pointers but then again i am very new to this and this was my first brisket ive done. 
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    Looks great....couple things. You can try lower temp 210-225 is fine and leave it a bit longer after you wrap it. After you have a good fire in box about the only thing you do is adjust the airflow and occasionally add a log. Good luck
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    on paper i know how to cook one (does that make sense? lol) , but i always end up pullimh it either too early or too late.. I'm just kind of working on zeroing in on that "perfect" time to pull the brisket off the smoker..

    my second one came out alot better than my first but nowhere near where i would like it.. my UDS should be done by the weekend so maybe ill give another jab at one..
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    You know once you put about 10 hours of smoke on a brisket you are done adding flavor. if you want to cheat to insure success wrap about 3 times in foil and put in oven at 200. You can leave for 4-6 hours and you will not dry out!!! and you'll be sure its done. I might be guilty of a mortal sin by mentioning an oven ha!
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    Wow, that is some good looking grub!!

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