First time smoker!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sawdustlisa, Jun 15, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone!
    Happy Fathers Day to all.
    Boys and I bought dad a weber smokey mountain smoker for Father's Day.
    We're going to try to smoke a tri tip 3.5lb and full rack of baby backs today. Any words of wisdom for time and temp! Thx, Lisa
  2. low and slow would be the  best 225degrees  baby backs i like the 2-2-1 method....... go to  top right corner and follow Jeffs recipes for the Tri-tip as well. he has a lot of good info you!!!!
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  3. sawdustlisa

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    Thanks Marauder!
    Tri tips and baby backs were awesome. Can't wait to smoke something this weekend....
  4.  you are welcome ! you can never go wrong with Jeffs recipes  you can vary it .. but i've been around the block trying and experimenting with different rubs .. tried different rubs with family on  $ different slabs of ribs .. and hands down Jeffs rub recipe wins every time!
  5. Welcome to the Forum. Glad to hear it turned out !!!

    Gary S

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