First time smoker, pork butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by stlsmoker85, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Just got a 40in Masterbuilt electric, trying it out for the first time today (after being seasoned). Got an 8lb pork butt, used a locally made rub after putting on a thin layer of mustard. I decided on apple wood chips. I have the smoker set at 250, goal is to get the meat to 200, and then turn the temp down to 100 for an hour or so while the internal meat temp presumably rises another handful of degrees.
    I have the Maverick 733 monitoring the meat and using the Masterbuilt probe set on the grate to get the smoker temp.

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    So, where are we at? Should be IT 190 or so at 250 degrees by now. Post me a bark pic.
  3. Where the rest of the pics?

  4. It's looking good, but also taking a little bit longer than expected. I'm at 185 and it looks and smells great.
  5. All finished. Total time in smoker approximately 11.5 hours including 30 minutes of rest at 100 degrees. Has a nice crispy bark with a great taste. Bone practically fell out. Used a little bit of the finishing sauce in the sticky thread as well. Mixed approximately 1/3 of the pork with a local favorite BBQ sauce and leaving the rest as is. So far I'm pleased with my first experience.
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    Well, whether you know it yet or not, you probably just became a member of the "Cult of the Bark". Search it and see if you qualify.
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    Looks like your Masterbuilt did an exceptional job (sure you had something to do with that too. LOL)

    Great job!
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    Looks very tasty - Well Done!
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    Nice job. A helpful hint, I wrap the angled drip,tray and lower bottom tray in foil. Makes cleanup,easier.

    That is the only use I have for foil,when smoking :biggrin:

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