First time smoker build tips please

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by horton, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. horton

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    I'm new to these forums but I've been lurking for a while. I am starting my first smoker build. I got two 55 gallon barrels. I would like this to be a reverse flow smoker. I have a few questions if you would be so kind as to assist me.
    1. How much does the reverse flow help control the tempature as compared to a regular offset smoker?
    2. How thick should the damper plates be and how much of an opening from the damper plate to the end of the barrel?
    3. How thick and tall should the stack be?
    4. Where should I put the air vent and dampers?
    5. For the firebox I was going to cut 1 of the 55 gallon barrels in half and then weld the bottom closed. I was wondering if I put the firebox barrel vertically if it would be safe to use the flat surface of the firebox as a sort of griddle while smoking foods
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    Hi Horton,

    Unfortunately I'm not the guy with the info for this; however, I'm sure brother Dave Omak will be along to help with the technical information.  You can PM him if you like.

    If you would please stop by our Roll Call forum and introduce yourself so that we can give you a proper SMF welcome!

    Also, be sure to use the search bar and you can find loads of great information on reverse flow and other builds.  Here is a link that can get you started.

    Good luck and welcome aboard!

  3. horton

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    Cheers thanks for the heads up

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