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  1. Hello gang,

    i have a OBS and bought a package of jalepeno summer sausage by Hi Mountain to try with last years deer and some pork. I may have made a huge boo boo but help me out if you dont mind.. after mixing and following the directions to a T here is what happenend during the smoking process

    6:00pm -- 1 hour at 140 degrees to dry the sausage to the touch

    7:00pm --1 hour with hickory smoke at 160 degrees

    7:30pm-- 30 minutes with hickory smoke at 180 degrees

    8:00pm insert digital temp probe in the center of the sausage and crank to 200. (roughly 3"x20" long)

    from 8:00 til 12:00 (mignight 4 hours) it went from 125IT to 130ish in the first hour and it stalled for the remaining 3 hours.

    i removed from the smoker, and threw them in the refrigerator.

    so are they ruined?

    can i cut them up into patties and fry them?

    can i eat them since it was 130IT for 2 to 3 hours?

    suggestions maybe i can do something in the oven to "make sure"

    i dont want to mess up the next batch so im going to do a small one next.

    thanks in advance for the advice

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    I'm no expert but the cure in the mix should have kept them safe.  I would think either poaching or in the oven till they reach 165 IT and they should still be fine.  I did some last weekend and had them in the smoker for 14 hours before they reached 165 IT.
  3. that makes me feel a little better about the situation.. i apparently had too much in the cabinet at once with a combo of not leaving them in long enough.

    i will probe one in the oven until it reaches that point and see how it ends up


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