First time smoked turkey for xmas snacks

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    I just unwrapped the old cedar smokehouse to do up a batch of smoked turkey jerky. Unfortunately the cedar of my smokehouse really shrunk from the extremely hot summer we had and allowed water to get inside during the heavy flooding we had here in the Northwest a couple weeks ago. 2 lessons learned- don't make a smoker taller than your garage door unless you have somewhere dry to store it and if your smoker is going to be exposed to the elements, spend the extra money to have stainless steel racks made up! After some heavy scrubbing, shop vaccing, and wire wheeling we are back in action! I made a fairly simple marinade for the bird consisting of brown sugar, Yoshidas gourmet teryaki, salt, a splash of mesquite liquid smoke and some basic seasonings and sliced her up thin to soak overnight. From what I have read, 20 minutes of smoke and run Temps around 180°. Running some smoke through the smoker to cover up any moisture related smells and gonna get the process started

    Just lining out my temperature and loading up the racks and we will get the smoke a rollin...

    Time to drop some mesquite chips in the pan and get these tasty lil morsels bagged up for xmas gifts.
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    Looks good! Should be some tasty treats!
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