First time smoked Prime Rib roast with Qview!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by big troutt, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Not sure if I am lucky or not that my neighbor owns a meat market and delivers whatever I want, my wife sometimes looks at it differently than I do!! However, he hooked me up with a nice 4lb prime rib roast last Sunday. Used the Dizzy Pig Canadian BBQ on it and about 5 hours at 250ish(rain soaked my cooker and had to fight holding temp a bit). Used just a bit of cherry chips for the first 30, then just whatever smoke the lump charcoal put out. Should have pulled at 125 to 130 I think instead of 135, seemed to cook up a little more resting than I thought. Would have liked it to be a little more towards medium rare. Still I was pretty proud of the results, so was everybody else that had a slice or two. It also made a great sandwich for lunch today thin sliced and cold on toast.

  2. disco

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    That, Sir, looks incredible.

  3. foamheart

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    Pretty cut of meat, Man a butcher livng next door? Baker on the other side?

    Beautifully done.
  4. woodman3

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    Looks fantastic. I never have done a prime. Pretty expensive is screwed up.
  5. Nice job! Looks delicious.
  6. Got an in-house baker! That wife of mine is solid in the kitchen!
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  7. seenred

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    Mmm...We love PR, and yours looks outstanding!  Nicely done!

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    Yup---That's a Fine Looking Prime Rib!!!

    My All Time Favorite Eatin' !!!!

    Just can't beat that !!!

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    Your Prime Rib looks Fantastic!! [​IMG]

    If you pull at 128*-130* then foil and rest you should hit that medium rare you are looking for. If I had a butcher living next door I'd be in trouble!!!!
  10. fliptetlow

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    Great looking PR, you did better then my 1st one... I way over cooked it. Man would love to have a butcher next store, he/she would never have to cook as long as they supply. 
  11. That sure looks a perfect medium rare.  I'll bet the only person that complained was the pit master.

    I love getting roasts like this.  Smoke until just under rare, let rest until cool enough to handle, and then slice into steaks so I can grill them to everyone's preference.  My son, bless his heart, likes his medium well, but then again, he's one of those that reach for the salt and steak sauce before tasting the meat.
  12. Nothing wrong with your Son does with a steak.  Some folks eat all steaks with steak sauce, I among them.  the salt, that goes on before the cooking of the steaks.  Also, if doing them at home, some granulated Garlic and my special pepper blend.  Yummy!

    [​IMG]                 [​IMG]                 [​IMG]  
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