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Discussion in 'Fish' started by brents, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Have some salmon to smoke and bought some brine from gander mountain to use but was wondering whether or not if I need to thaw the salmon out before putting into the brine or if I can make up the brine and let the salmon soak for the 24 hours and have it be fine or not.  any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I can only give you my opinion on that:

    If the package says to brine for 24 hours, I would say that if it is frozen part of that time, you aren't getting the length of brine time called for.

    Maybe I can explain better by mentioning the brine I use for Salmon. If I use my brine for Salmon pieces a certain size, over night is too long, 4 hours is not long enough, and 6 hours is just right. Yet for smaller pieces, 4 hours is just right & 6 hours is too long.

    Now if the pieces were frozen, that would all be different, because it wouldn't take the brine the same way as when it is thawed.

    I hope that makes sense to you, and not just to me.  [​IMG]

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    The best thing you could do, in my opinion, is to thaw the salmon and mix up a batch of Bears brine and follow his step by step method of brining and smoking it..I did and the results was the best tasting smoked salmon I ever laid my lips on.

    Good luck on your smoke,


    Remember the Qview
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    LOL---Now I'm gonna have to root for Indiana, when Penn St plays them.

    Just kidding, JC.

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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!

    Good luck with the salmon!
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    I just used Bear's brine for some fish jerky, and it had a nice flavor.  Not too salty.

    The only change I made was I used Yoshidas Sauce rather than soy sauce, cuz i wanted to cut back on the salt.

    A premix like the one at Gander may be too salty, and you won't know until you're done.

  8. Salmon thaws quickly. Toss it in. 

    The fish doesn't have a clock!!
  9. I have smoked so much salmon I really like it anymore.... and with that said, here's what I do.   I let it thaw in the fridge.. I don't use curing salt.  I use dead sea salt and If you can get that then use morton kosher salt.   Soak for 12 hours @ 34 degrees.  Wash the fish and then add your secret spices and smoke.  It works every time for me.

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