First time short ribs with qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by doohop65, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. With all this nice Wisconsin weather upon us I decided it was time to smoke something this weekend. Was digging through the freezer and came across 2 packages of short ribs from an angus steer I bought.

    Decided these would make a perfect Sunday smoke. The kids were giving me too much fuss this morning so just made it simple.

    Using my weber grill because it was quicker I got some royal oak lump heating while getting the meat ready.

    Had some brats for dinner and my wife told me to use up the mustard in some bbq because she didn't like it. Rubbed them with the mustard and some spog on 2 sets and some left over rib rub on the other 2.

    They have been hanging out since 8 at 225-235. Hope to watch around 1. Not planning to wrap them.
  2. Had to pull a little early because my wife needed to get to a meeting. Maybe a little more tug than I like but just a bit. M
    Overall turned out quite well.


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