First TIme Rib Smoker--how long?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by shann, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. New guy here.  On Friday, I bought a Brinkmann's Electric Smoker.  I've read decidedly mixed reviews about it, but it was cheap and an easy way to give smoking a try. 

     I bought about 3lbs of what the butcher called "New England Style" ribs which looked like country ribs or spare ribs to me.  I put a dry rub on for 24 hours in the fridge,

    I smoked for 4 hours.  The smoker temperature was about 250 according to my cheapie oven thermometer.  I then wrapped in foil and rested them for an hour. 

    They were okay, but seemed a little overdone.  They were not tough but seemed a little dry.  But when I read here, it looks like ribs are a minimum of 5 hours (i.e. the 2-2-1).  Is the 250 just too high or were the ribs actually good for another hour in the smoker?  I also tossed a ring of kielbasa on the smoker which was delicious after about an hour.  Since it was an already cooked sausage, I didn't think it mattered how long I left it on for, really. 

    All in all a fun experience.  I look forward to your feedback.  Thanks!
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    I would get a Maverick temp probe it is very good at being able to read the temp. This is prob the issue with the ribs. Good Luck and remember.[​IMG]
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    We need more info. A picture of the ribs would be helpful. Did the ribs come cut into individual pieces like CSR's or was the rack intact. If you follow the 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 method it's almost impossible not to get juicy tender ribs. For me 250 is too high. But like fife said, you won't know that without a good thermometer. I usually smoke my ribs at 210. Now would you please go over to roll call & introduce yourself to the group so we can give you a proper SMF welcome.
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    Ditto on what Al said

    First, make sure you have accurate thermos.

    pics needed to better evaluate

    were the ribs sliced.

    I do spares at 225° for a modified 3 - 2 - 1 about 5.5 hours.

    I foil slightly before the 3 hour mark and remove the foil slightly before the last hour

    So it goes like this 165 minutes (3) - 100 minutes (2) - 50 -60 minutes (1)
  6. I could send you a picture of my big belly, where the ribs reside!  The ribs came cut in two sections of about 4 ribs each.  I didn't pay all that much attention.  I do know that the smoker was consistently about 250, but I don't know any way I could reduce the heat.  I look forward to figuring this out; the finished product was really tasty, even if not perfect, so its a no lose proposition. 

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