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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by mnrookie, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. mnrookie

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    Alright finally I figured out the picture sharing so now I can share with you guys my first attemt at some polish sausage and some summer sausage. Thanks to you all of your help with answering my questions.

    The Polish I made with about 80% beef and 20% pork and I added some cheddar cheese in the majority of them...with some pepperjack cheese in a few of them. They turned out to be a little dry but all in all pretty good.

    The summer sausage I made with about the same % as the polish. In one stick (the one that's cut) I included some jalapeno peppers.
  2. OMG, that looks wonderful. [​IMG]

    If you have any extra and need to get rid of it, email me for my FedEx address! [​IMG]

    We raise our own Black Angus here on the farm and sell custom cut beef. Our German butcher guy makes Salami and Summer Sausage for our clients.

    Our favorite is Summer Sausage with Jalapeno Cheese in it - whoa.

    With the Pork market being so low right now, now is the time to get a pig in the freezer. Dang, this is making me hungry!

    Great looking meat [​IMG] well, you know what I mean,

  3. fatback joe

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    Very nice. Sure looks good!
  4. pantherfan83

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    Are Pork prices really low right now? This spring, I was buying 50/50 pork trimmings from a local butcher for $1.05/lb. It's steadily went up since then. Last time I bought some a couple weeks ago, they were up to $1.79/lb. I told them this is more than I'm paying for the pork butts I'm mixing it with to make sausage. I buy my butts from a packing yard, but they will only sell me trimmings in like a 70 lb box or something ridiculous like that.
  5. pantherfan83

    pantherfan83 Smoking Fanatic

    BTW MNRookie, didn't mean to hijack your post. Your sausages look great.
  6. Panther,

    click here - Meat markets are typically shown as 100#, so $68. is $.68/lb.

    These are the prices you will pay buying a hog or beef right off the farm.

    Stores charge what hey want. Gas goes up, they raise their prices. Floods hit Iowa, they raise their prices.

    I am not dogging on stores or store owners - they are not all capitalists - and there is nothing wrong with being a capitalist - we'd all do it if we could get away with it. [​IMG]

    Buy off the Farm - from a Farmer you can look in the eye -

    he may even refer you and your smoker for a catering job. Now that is networking and capitalism at its best! [​IMG]

    Best, Brad
  7. pantherfan83

    pantherfan83 Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks for the info workoutchamp. I didn't think buying direct would be an option, because I'd mostly want just butts, plus trimmings to mix in with pork and venison for sausage. Maybe an occassional belly for bacon and loins and ribs on occassion too. I figured a farmer would only want to sell sides or whole hogs. Even if they would, I wouldn't know where to go. My grandfather used to be a hog farmer, but that was 30+ years ago.
  8. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    look pretty good. i make my own too. nice first run. i add soy protien concentrate to mine. helps bind and retain moisture. i add it 2 tsp per lb.

    heres some i did last season with venison. its in the fridge to cure. sorry no finished pics. it all gone now.
  9. waysideranch

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    Awesome job. Them fine.
  10. capt dan

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    Nice job, and great first Q-view!
  11. Panther,

    You are in the midwest - you aren't more than a stone's throw from a farmer who raises pork.

    You are also close to Owensboro, KY - a BBQ capitol of sorts.

    Call your local butcher shop and HE knows where the local pork farmer is.

    200# hog x $.65 = $130 for the whole hog. $20 for the kill, .20 for processing (of hanging weight) and a little extra for extras - bacon, sausage - or you may want to fool with it yourself.

    You have about a buck a pound into your pork and lots of fun. NOTE - I worded it cautiously, so I did NOT say, lots of fun with your pork.

    You can't beat having a freezer full whenever you want to smoke something - pop it out and smoke it up. Very economical and satisfying to not have to run to Wal Mart everyday. [​IMG]

    Call that butcher! Best, Brad [​IMG]
  12. Big,

    Man, that looks like some fine times there. I'll be right there for a brew and a knife full of that stuff! Wow. I've never done it before.

  13. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    work champ. season opens soon. wont be long before i fire up the meat shop here in illinois. would say bring a fishing pole. but i dont ice fish lol.[​IMG]

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