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  1. I just received a Master Forge double door propane smoker and am ready to try my hand at some summer sausage.  I have read on this forum about seasoning the smoker before putting meat on it. Exactly what does this entail and how important is it to do?  Can I just fire it up and put my meat to the smoke as directed ?  Any help would be appreciated.

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    You want to start a good size fire in it before you put any meat in it. Just a get a ggod fire going and let it go for a couple of hours and then it will be seasoned. Then you can smoke something in it. You just want to do that to burn off any oils or anything else that might be inside the smoker. So do that and then smoke something like maybe a pork butt or some ribs.  
  3. I seasoned the smoker and made 20 lbs venison summer sausage and cooked it. Came out perfect. Then I made and cooked 7 lbs of venison snack stix and then  5 lbs of jerky.  All came out great.  I am sure happy with the Master Forge propane smoker.  Very easy to control temps. 
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    Congrats but where's the Qview??????? You know the saying [​IMG]

  5. Here's the QVIEW
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    Very Nice  [​IMG]  !!!

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