First Time Pork Puller. D-day with Q view

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  1. So it's d day.
    Last night I prepared the shoulder.
    I had the butcher remove to bone but not the fat. And omg, he took slaughtering to a new low. Hacked it is an under statement.
    Anyway can't do much about it now. So onwards an upwards.
    I used a nice run the wife found on the net. I'll get a link once she's up (not feeling the best of all days).

    So seeing as it was butchered I could really rub the rub into all little crevasses.
    And then I rolled it, tied it into a roll and put it in the fridge.

    So this morning I started the cooker around 7.30.. Down here the bricket chimney starters are very popular. But being a tight ass and lazy lol I did my own thing.
    Simply lit 2 fire lighters under the grill and placed a 4" stainless tube about 500mm long over the lighters and dropped 4 brickets down inside.
    15 mins later it was roaring.

    Stacked the rest of the brickets into the snake formation, added my water bucket and one bricks were going added them to the start.

    After half hour of solid 102-105c temps I added the meat and pellets.

    So current readings have been
    9 am was 7c
    1030 was 37.5c
    11 was 48c
    12 was 56.

    Timer is set to 71c and I'll pull then and decided to either warp or not. I'll check fuel source and restock if needed.
  2. So we have stall.
    12 noon was 56c
    1 was 58
    And just now at 2pm we've reached 60...
    Now to wait and watch
  3. So it's touch and go atm...
    1pm was 58c
    2pm was 60c
    3pm was 62c
    I pulled at 3pm (6 hours) to check on it and fuel supply.
    Decided to leave it unwrapped due to it still being moist as.
    And surprisingly only had used about 1/3...

    Currently at 4pm were at 68.. Was really hoping to be at 70 but I've decided to wait it out. Hopefully we see a 20 degree Hike in the last hour.
  4. Ok so got to 630pm and had reached 85 c internal.
    I've pulled it off at that.
    Have had it wrapped now for 1 hour and it's only dropped to 70 degrees.
    I'll give it another hour due to kids being shoits and wife not well.
    But it's looks tops..

    I had heaps of fuel left to so good to know..
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking hunk of pork! Should pull good. I usually take mine up to 205f, 96c for pulling. That extra bit really breaks down the fats and connective tissue. Doesn't dry it out at all. I never wrap during the cook. I also only do dry smoke chamber cooks, no water. The only time I remove the bone is if I'm going to make buckboard bacon (BBB). Otherwise the bone just slips out once cooked. You can use the smoked bone to make some tasty stock.
  6. Ok well that's good to know.
    I did find it a little hard to pull but it's as tender as.
    Bark isn't as crunchy as I'd like but I guess that's the affect of the water bath.
    I'll put up some finished picks tonight.
    We're going real American with pulled pork and apple slaw wraps and a 3 cheese mac n cheese...
    Can't wait
  7. So meals been served and slaughtered lol.

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