First time pork picnic...and posting. Pic heavy.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by hoiyay, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. hoiyay

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    So I received a MES smoker in may for my bday and have done a few ribs, but decided to up it this weekend.

    I reserched (mostly on here) on ways to do this and temps.

    To start....I grabbed an 8lb picnic with the bone in.

    2) I cut the fat cap off. Also, because I was really aiming at obtaining a nice bark...I trimmed most of the fat off.

    3. I actually scored most of the meat. My logic in this was because I was primarily going for bark...and this allows more surface area.

    4. I used this rub that I found online.

    5. I covered the meat with mustard and applied the rub. I mostly pat the rub on as it seems to work better than rubbing.

    6). I wrapped it in press and seal....only because I was out of plastic wrap (it actually did fine). I put it in the fridge about 10pm.

    7) I woke up at 7 and turned the smoker on to a temp of 240. I also did not fill the pan with water...instead I filled it with sand; this helped retain heat. I used pecan through the whole process. After the smoker heated up to temp at 7:30 I put it in.

    8) I opened the lid on top all the way and added chips about every 30 min to keep a nice thick smoke.

    9) In the meantime I made lunch...some lamb chops and also I tried some beef roast chuncks. I was hoping to make some form of burnt ends with the chunks...but think I now know there's not enough fat for those. They came out very tough. I also overcooked them by about an hour as the wife pulled me away for :)

    This was about 1pm....I putthe lunch on at 10am. BTW...the sand really helped keep temp when opening the door to add stuff.

    11) I waited for the internal temp to reach 195. I pulled it, wrapped in foil...then towel...and then cooler for 45 min. And then shredded. It took about 13 hours total.

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  2. oldschoolbbq

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  3. sqwib

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    Wow. Very impressive first.
    Thanks for taking the time to take pics and post!
  4. crazymoon

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    Very nice smoke , looks scrumptious !
  5. Welcome. That looks like some great eats.[​IMG]
  6. hoiyay

    hoiyay Newbie

    I didn't use a finishing rub...but I'll try that next time.

    Thanks for the reply guys.

    I think next time I'll cook at 225 and pull it out at 200.

    Any advice on using meat other than brisket for burnt ends?
  7. Try a chuck roast. Did quite a few this past summer and turned out great.
  8. djstight

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    That looks great...nice work
  9. red dog

    red dog Smoking Fanatic

    Very nice first run in the MES. +1 on using a chuck roast for burnt ends or maybe some beef short ribs.
  10. hoiyay

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    Can I just cut the chuck roast into cubes for burnt ends?

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