First Time Pop's Country Breakfast Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by disco, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. kathrynn

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    Pops.....I am so glad you are here to share things with us.  AND...this sausage is going thru my family line too as a treasured recipe!

  2. c farmer

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    I am glad you are sharing your / his recipes, his brine is very good for curing.

    I need to try more of your / his recipes.
  3. That looks good I bookmarked  this so I can see what the recipe is compared to the Sausage Making Book I Bought. I bought about 56# of Pork Shoulder  @ $0.99  a # last weekend and froze it for a weekend I have open to try Making some different Sausages I'm gonna try Breakfast, Polish, Italian, Garlic/Onion this will be my 1st attempt wish me luck!!! and BTW if you change SWMBO to what I refer to mine as SWIMO easier to say (She Whom I Must Obey) ;-)
  4. disco

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    Thanks, David.

    I used to make patties with a slap patty form but I did some in skinless links just to try once and they were a hit with the missus. A happy wife is worth a little stuffer cleaning.

    Thanks for the advice on cooling the meat. I did throw it in the fridge but just for health reasons.

    Blush! Thanks Alesia. I have always loved eating sausages for breakfast and Pop's recipe is great!

  5. disco

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    Your words are too kind Pops. There are so many great recipes, traditions and history around food and food preparation. They are intertwined with family and local history. It would be terrible to lose the experience, skill and lore of your family. I thank you so much for blessing us in this forum with your experience.

    I hope your health improves and every day brings as much enjoyment as your posts have given me.


    Grateful Canadian Newbie [​IMG]
    Amen to what Kat said.

    I agree. I have tried his brine and his sausages now. Definitely, Pop's knows what he is talking about.

  6. disco

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    You can't go wrong with Pop's recipes and I would say it is an excellent choice for a Breakfast sausage. 

    I really would appreciate posts with pictures of your projects. We are food junkies here and need our fixes.

    Har! I love your acronym! However, SWMBO is a literary reference from one of my favourite writers that I read when I was young, Ryder Haggard. He wrote a book ``She``. And that is where the phrase She Who Must Be Obeyed came from. It was reinforced later by a great English series called Rumpole of the Bailey and he called his wife SWMBO. I am afraid I am stuck with my traditionalist views.

  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Yes a big thank you to you Pop's and your dad! These little pieces of Americana need to be preserved and passed along or they will be forgotten and lost forever.
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Yet another great write up from you Disco! [​IMG]
  9. jnewcomb

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    Looks good and do-able, thanks for the link.
  10. disco

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    Thanks DS. Very kind. However the best part of this thread is Pops` post. It quite an honour he noticed a pale imitation post like mine.

    It is easy and very tasty.

  11. ba cyclone

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    Thanks for posting your experience and linking the original thread.  I am a huge sausage fan  [​IMG]   and I really appreciate the simplicity of that recipe.  Definitely going to bookmark that and try it sometime soon!
  12. bearcarver

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    This is the first I saw this thread, but it sure is a good one!!!

    Pops has a lot of awesome tricks for a youngster!!  [​IMG]

    I learned a lot more from Pops than he realizes, a long time ago.

    BTW: You make great posts, Disco!!

  13. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I would recommend Pop's recipe as a great project. Not only is it simple, it is a great base to tweak to your own taste. I started with some sausages with quite a list of ingredients and they were good but the missus really prefers these and you can get a clean pork taste.

    That's high praise coming from you Bear. Thanks.

    Pops is definitely a wealth of knowledge. The only downside of having people like him and you on the forums is that I don't have time to learn all of information and try all the projects. However, I am having a ball trying!

    By the way. I have some of your snack sticks in the smoker as I type. I will be posting soon.

  14. I'm very new to sausage making (haven't made any yet).  I've been reading this forum for awhile now.  I've read nothing but good reviews about all of Pop's stuff.  I was looking for a good breakfast sausage recipe and it looks like I found it.  I'm going to make some this weekend.  Pop's thanks for all the great advice you give as well as the recipe's they all look good.
  15. I forgot to add, thanks for posting the pictures of your dad's store.  I like the small town stuff, never have been a big city fan.
  16. disco

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    Could I suggest you send a personal message to Pops or post your reply to his original post (the link is at the beginning of the thread)? He won't necessarily be coming back to this thread and he deserves the kudos.

  17. hoity toit

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    What a nice Tribute fellas..True Blue American.
  18. disco

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    We should all thank people who keep us in touch with our roots and teach us the best of the past.

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  19. I couldn't agree more.  Nice Post!
  20. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thanks, Bama


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