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  1. Well I decided to up my game and smoke my largest selection yet, a nice 11lb picnic. I did countless hours of post reading and decided that in order to have it ready by 3pm today I better start it the night before. I dropped it in about 830pm last night and like any good father should, woke up every 3 hours or so to check on her and add more wood. To my surprise when I woke up this morning at 830am she had a really dark bark and decided to check her temp. 12 hours and I was reading 200 with an analog and digital thermometer from every spot on the meat. She seems really jiggly with a nice dark bark. I wrapper her up, toweled her and now she's sitting in my extra fridges freezer(it's not plugged in, I don't use it). My question is, is this unheard of? seemed really quick, smoker was a constant 240-250 never any higher than 260 and I would correct pretty quickly. Now that she's wrapped up, how long should she sit in the cooler? below is a pic of her right before I wrapped it. Thanks.
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    Looks good nice bark , post some shots when you pull it.
  3. I had it resting for about 2 hours. The boned pulled right out. Super soft, really smokey. I'm pretty pleased with it, let's hope everyone else is too.
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    That looks great [​IMG]
  5. Looks great,  Good job 


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