First time on the GOSM Gasser

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dwayner79, Sep 1, 2014.

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    Friends of ours gave us their GOSM gas smoker. I wanted to see how it would work in nice weather. I hope that this will mean I can smoke in the winter easier. The stick burner is tough to manage in sub 32 weather. 

    Got up at 5, got a 10lb shoulder and a 8 lb butt going. Dutch's beans later and friends are bringing potato salad. 

    Can't wait. 

    A few questions since I am here... Using the lava rocks instead of water as a heat sync. Seems to work well enough, though I did find it hard to keep the temps low. Ended up getting too hot for a while. I know some people have said sand, etc. Figured the lava rocks were fine. Yes?

    Above them I laid a drip pan. seems to be workign okay. I assume that the water pan acts as a drip pan during normal use? Think this lava rock/drip pan method will work okay?  

    Bough the weber smoke boxin the last picture. had to put tin foil in the bottom to block the air flow. Otherwise it just turns into another fire and temps spike. the factory one has no holes in the bottom so I figured it was okay.

    Will post pics of the finished product.  
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    Looking good..

    I use water in the pan, that's what it is designed for, many use sand.

    I think you may be restricting airflow by the looks of your picture.

    my old chip box sucked...the new one works great.
    You can also use a cast iron pot


    Here's a post with some notes that may help.

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