First time making jerky: MES 30 with AMNPS

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rc10mike, May 27, 2015.

  1. So this is my setup, set to 135. So far I've re lit the AMNPS 3 times in the first hour. Theres a lot of moisture on the glass I'm wondering if that's affecting the AMNPS?
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    Instead of moisture I wonder if the problem is lack of adequate airflow? You've got a MES (can't tell if it's a 30 or 40) Gen 2 smoker and the airflow for the AMNPS has been a challenge. I see you've got a foil heat baffle/tent for the AMNPS and that could be the trouble here. Is this something you were advised to do? The MES Gen 2/AMNPS experts here are @Bearcarver  and @TJohnson  (Todd Johnson).
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    yeah.  Take the tent off and open your vents wide open.  I also recommend microwaving your pellets for a minute in a small bowl.
  4. I have the 30.

    The tent was something I read on here to try.

    My top vent is 100% open all times.

    After fiddling with the position of the chip loader, nothing seemed to help with air flow. Removing the chip tray and tent didn't help either. I then just completely removed the chip loader and I could see the air flow improve just by how fast the smoke was leaving the top vent. We'll see if that works...
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    I think this is a fairly common topic.  you might want to do a search on here for MES 30 with AMNPS or something similar.
  6. I have searched a ton on here already.
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    Is that a GEN 2 with the side vent? Todd had suggested a vent stack in a recent post to promote air flow. 

    I tried this on my MES and it really improves the AMNPS performance. Burns to the end with no issue.

    I removed the factory vent and installed this 3" elbow I picked up at HD for $4. Fit of the elbow is near perfect.

    This may help you. Good Luck.


  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but mine has the top vent.

    Well, the jerky is done and Im eating it as I type. All I can say is it turned out great! After about 6 hours of messing with the AMNPS the jerky still sort of rubbery and not really done, so I transferred it to my Nesco dehydrator for a few hours @ 125 to finish drying. I think the high humidity here in FL might have something to do with the AMNPS performance.

    I will try microwaving the pellets next time to see if that helps, but Im open to any ideas. Ive done a lot of searching and reading on here and thats how I got to my starting point, but I realize every situation is unique and everyone has different issues.

    Honestly, Im very skeptical the AMNPS is ever going to work properly for my setup, I had high hopes it would've been easy if I followed all the suggestions and tips Ive read here and there. One thing I never read on here was to simply REMOVE the chip loader, leaving a huge hole in the bottom. It definitely increased airflow, and the AMNPS still went out, but hopefully by the time I do my first real long smoke, Ill figure this thing out.
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    I forgot to mention that for MES Gen 2 models Todd recommends pulling out the wood chip loader a couple of inches. What many people resort to with those machines is building a mailbox mod. The wood chip loader is removed, then the AMNPS is placed inside the mailbox and the smoke flows thru an airduct thing into the wood chip loader hole. It seems to be a very successful mod.

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