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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by got grits, Feb 14, 2012.

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    I have been reading some thread on this site and starting to learn a little about smoking. The one main thing that I learned is FOOD HANDLING. Keeping every thing clean the risk of getting a bad smoke meat is a great deal lower, but still can happen. The hardest part is how to smoke meat for the first time, there are so many ways to smoke. What I like to do is make a BBB for the first time with   a hot smoke until I get my feet wet. It feels like s safe area for now. I have a great deal to learn and have a few question for now and I will go from there.

        1. The curing process does it protect the meat for smoking and storage?

        2. When dry curing do you remove the water that comes out the meat?

        3. Do you have to re coat at any time?

        4. What temp. hot smoke BBB needs to be at when smoking and finishes temp.?

    That is all I can think for now. There is a great to learn on smoking meats. Any help would great full.

    Thanks: Glyn
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    I can't help cause I have not made any yet,  If you dont get any help soon just keep bumping your post up to the top here and there and "someone" should help you out.   Good luck[​IMG]
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    1.) I am not certain about what your definition of "protect" is. Curing salt is used to protect you from botulism. The meat will still require refrigeration and normal safe handling.

    2.) Some do, I usually do not.

    3.) I do not. I do flip the meat daily and massage it a bit through a ziploc bag.

    4.) If it is properly cured your smoking temp is up to you. You can even cold smoke it if you like. I like to cold smoke for several hours before increasing temps. When it hits 150* IT I consider it finished.
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    As you can see there is more than one way to skin a............. make BBB.   Here's my take....................

    Use a boston butt, de-bone and then cut into slabs about 3 to 4 inches thick.  I usually just cut the butt long ways and get two good size pieces.  Try to cut out any excess fat although a BB is not to bad anyway.  Message in a cure of your choice according to directions and put into a NON METALLIC container and cover with plastic wrap.  Be sure to get all nooks and crannies with the cure.  I let mine stand for about 10 or 11 days, draining the liquid and turning every 3 days.  When you are ready to smoke soak the meat for an hour or so and then rinse with fresh water.  Make sure that you have the cure removed from all parts of the meat.  Now you have to pat dry the meat and let it stay out to further dry for about an hour or so.  You may find at this time that it gets a little sticky or tacky to the touch.  Now she's ready for smoking.  Start very low and slow at about 130 to 140 degrees for about 45 minutes then I go to about 160 to 170 until internal temp is about 140.  Then I turn off the heat and let it cool in the smoker where IT will come up a few degree.  This guarantees that microbes are killed and food is safe.  Slice to your liking and enjoy.

    PS    There is a nice sugar cure called Buckboard Bacon Cure that works real well and has great flavor.  You're in for a treat when you have this meat.  If my last meal was BLT's with BBB I'd be A OK.  10-4
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  6. I use Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure. I have also added additional brown sugar and also maple syrup and honey. I have added additional brown sugar to it, as well as maple syrup and honey. 

    Pops just posted one a few days ago, and keep in mind he uses a wet brine/cure
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    Good luck & don't forget the camera!
  8. ok I have the process down hopefully its great when am complete
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    Thanks for the help. I will be doing my BBB in the next few weeks for the first time. I will use tender quick for now it is easy for me to get and smoke it with oak and spray with apple juice. I will hot smoke for bacon and learn from there. I will do a few and try a few other things as time goes on. Just get my feet wet for now.

    Thanks: Glyn

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