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    I have been fabricating thing all my life. I am great when it comes to building anything. However I know nothing when it comes to gas. I was told by the guy when I bought the propane tank from that it had been flushed with water and dish soap twice. However, when I took off a small release cap off of the regulator, I could hear and smell propane. How do I go about cutting this thing open without killing myself?
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  2. Soak it for a couple of weeks with dawn and water, filling it completely to the top.and topping it off daily. When your ready to cut, invite your neigbor over and talk him into making the first cut.
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    ROFL. What are friends for.
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    The tank still has all of the caps still in place. Do I just unscrew one to fill it up with water?
  6. you want to push all air and gas out of the tank with the water, so I would say yes. I like to let it soak a couple of weeks with dawn , I think that the metal absorbs some of the propane .......this gives it a lil bit to work it all out and bubble up to the top, topping it off everyday just makes me feel better about it all. Ive done about a dozen over the years and still get nervous, but have never even had one flash up or anything,   being extra extra careful never hurts anyone..
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    Propane gas no natural smell.  Gas suppliers chemically add the unique scent so we can recognize leaks These tanks become impregnated with the "oil" used to scent the gas.  So it will smell like propane until you open tank and clean it out.  Fill it and let it soak, dish soap or simple green.
    LOL  you will quickly find out who are your "good" neighbors. 

    Good luck on your build,


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