First time dmoking fish

Discussion in 'Fish' started by gregdad, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Just smoked some fish this morning for the first time ever using my new Bradley 4 rack smoker. I had the heat a little too high so they cooked faster but I caught it in time. They turned out better than I thought, not too dry and a sweet taste from the brine and apple wood pucks. I can't wait to try salmon now
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    I am told that smoked Salmon is absolutely amazing, I have never tried as I am waiting on a fishing trip in August.

    Looks like a nice first fish smoke to me...look forward to your salmon trial! Cheers.
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    gregdad, Did you brine the fish first?   What species of Salmon is that?

    You will find a few posts I created here showing  the Salmon I've smoked.  I keep the temp low and slow, starting out at around 130 then bump to 150 then up to 170ish until we reach an IT (internal temp) of 140+.
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    Nice looking batch! I'm hoping to learn this too, but with trout that I've caught, as well as salmon. Good tips on the temps Craig. [​IMG]
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