First time curing a fresh Ham.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokeburns, Dec 4, 2014.

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    For this Christmas I got a small 8lb ham with the hock. I've been researching on this site about curing. And have learned a lot from Pops too . I currently have the ham in the freezer and plan on taking it out to defrost and prepare it to cure I just received my bag of Prague powder (pink salt cure #1) from Amazon. I plan on doing a 7 day cure by injecting before I start the wet cure. My question is ... Because I don't want to screw this up or in danger my self and Family is how much cure #1 should I use for a 8lb ham in approx. 2 gallons of brine?
  2. smokeburns

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    Ok, answered my own question about cure #1. I didn't see where pops had re posted his wet cure brine. 1tbs pink salt per gallon of h2o. I hope it doesn't matter that this is a smaller ham though.
  3. The sodium nitrite has been reduced during the curing process so you will not ruin anything.
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    Just have fun and a very Merry Christmas Season...
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    Nope. Pops brine works with any weight of meat.
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    Ok , just wanted clarification. Thanks!!

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