First time cold smoking bacon Q/View, Jerk seasoning?

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  1. This will be my second time doing bacon but did it hot last time. With it being cold here in Wisconsin I am going to try cold smoking. Last night I prepped 30# of belly and put it into a modified pop's brine. I am leaving Saturday for Jamaica and returning just in time for this to be brined for 2 weeks.

    What I am curious on is I got hooked up with a chef in Ocho's that is going to teach me the authentic way to make Jerk chicken and I thought about trying to make some Jerk bacon. My thoughts are once I get back I will marinate it in jerk, slather the jerk on it as a smoke it or should I put it in an oven on low heat and not even smoke it. Let it kind of crust on the outside of it.

    Any ideas?
  2. I was lazy with the pictures after getting up every two hours to put more wood on. Opened the smoker door up after 14 hours and really like the color.

    Much better view when I brought them in and the wife took the camera from me since I had bacon finger prints all over it and didn't clean it up [​IMG]

    I put it in a tub and wrapped tight to sit for two days before slicing, need a better meat slicer since after slab 8 she was quite hot.

    I am very fond of dark beer and thinking of taking a slab and curing it with salt and stout beer for the flavoring. Anyone tried?
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    That jerk bacon looks AMAZING!!! You really have me drooling here I love jerk.
  4. [​IMG]

    It looks GREAT! Nothing beats bacon.

    Happy smoken.


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