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  1. I attempted a chicken for the first time on my ECB(not modded just yet) and the skin turned black. It was very bitter tasting an inedible. What did I do wrong? The meat itself was tasty and when I checked the oven thermometer I use inside the temp was around 250 to 275.
  2. I do believe that your problem was creosote from too much thick smoke. You need a nice draft pulling the smoke past your meat and out of the smoker. ---Rich
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    Chestnutbloom is right on, creosote comes from too much smoke. Cut back your wood whatever type you use, I am guessing chunks. Try on your next smoke 1/2 what you used today.

    Also just a suggestion, if its not to much trouble, I'd definitely clean up the smokers lid bare minimum and anything else that its easy to get to. That creosote coating can come back down on your meats when you least expect its and you'll cuss. I know. Check your local car washed for a hot steam clean.

    It wasn't the temperature it was the amount of wood. You either have to have more air or less fuel. Its just a balancing act you have to adjust to make you and the meat happy. Just takes some tweaking.

    When you have a good combustion for flavored smoke you probably not even see any smoke, only that shimmering raising from the smoker looks a lot like the heat coming off an asphalt highway on a hot summer day. Some one here told me once that there is no flavor in white smoke.
  4. Thanks!!

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