first time build 250 gallon propane tank

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  1. I started my first ever smoker build. I got a 250 gallon propane tank and I've done a lot of reading on here and used feldons calculator. I feel like I've got the calculations and most of it figured out. Wanted to start putting things on here as I get it built and would love input and opinions
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    Welcome and good luck to ya my friend the peeps here are full of help
  3. Started with this trailer a 250 gallon tank and a 177 gallon tank[​IMG]
  5. cut the 177 gallon tank down to 54 inches and put fireplace doors in front for fire box
  6. I will need to add a more vents I'm thinking 2 6" round vents 1 on each side of the doors
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    Great use for one of those nasty bumper pull horse trailers.Nice smoker build will like to see it finished.

  8. So next step will be to cut doors in the 250 gallon tank I've been seeing people have trouble with doors warping when cut thinking of putting gussets on before I cut. Do you think that will solve that problem? When I cut into the 177 gallon tank the opening sprung out I really don't want to reshape the door to make it fit right
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    Some folks have welded door ribs similar to the drawing, to stop the warping.... and they can also be used to attach handles and used as a hinge.....

    ... click on pic to enlarge....
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  10. Thanks Dave I have cut out some gussets already I don't have a picture of them yet I will be attaching the handles and hinges to them. Do they help as much as I think they will? Glad to be getting your advice it looks like you have helped a lot of people on here
  11. this is a quick sketch of my plan my fire box ended up a bit oversized but looked better and from what I have read oversized firebox is not a bad thing
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    Looks like it will turn out good. Where did you find the propane tank at?
  13. I called around to every propane company in the area until I found one that had a condemned tank and would actually sell it because a lot of companies won't for liability
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    I drove past the BIG propane dealer the other day......

    His yard is FULL of propane tanks that have gone through the fires here.... I'd bet they are cheap.... burned and all..... smoke covered.... paint blisters....
  15. got the 2 tanks fitted together and air hole cut in just need to weld them together
  16. front legs built temporary support removed
  17. finished welding tanks together. Tacked on gussets need to weld up. Also built got the hinges on as soon as it is all welded can finally get the doors cut in
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    Coming along great

  19. Nice so far. I see many years of great Q in your future.


    Happy smoken.

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    The Doors look awsome!

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