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Discussion in 'Pork' started by kalifornia32, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. So I plan on hooking up my first Boston butt tomorrow. I've done a ton of research on here and the amount info available is awesome. What I am wondering is if anyone uses any quick methods for defrosting their meat, i meant to take it out early this morning but I forgot, it's a 4.5 pounder and I want to get it defrosted by tonight so I can rub it down and let fridge overnight. I was gonna just put it in water but I wasn't sure if that would have any effect on the meat, i tend to think that quick defrosting is bad for the meat but I don't know if there's any validity to that. Any info would be great, thanks a lot
  2. The best fast way that I have found is to place the meat on a aluminum grill or aluminum pan with enough room for air to get under it. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE FIRE OR ANY HEAT SOURCE. It grill or pan act as a heat sink. I don't think it will defrost in the amount of time you have.

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    Like Mule I doubt if it will defrost in the time you have without adding some heat.  If critical, I'd use a microwave's defrost feature.  If you do this, be sure you use a quality thermometer to check internal temps when smoking. 
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    I'd go buy another one to make tomorrow. Leave the frozen butt for another day when you have more time.
  5. well she thawed out in time.. around 10pm... I mustarded and rubbed her up, foiled her in the fridge over night... got on around 9 am.... I will def q'view when she's done.
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    Sounds good!

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