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    Got my first batch of bellies in the fridge curing. They're 6 days in, and probably going to 11-12 before smoke. I used 1 TBSP Mortons Tender Quick/lb as curing agent. Some have pepper ect. I don't have a scale so the measurements were approxamations. I know this may seem stupid to some, but I didnt have an option. 

    Question is this.... Are their signs I should be looking for to ensure adequate curing has taken place? Color? Texture? Cut a cross-section? Taste test? Here are some pics of the different pieces. Thanks for any input.

    Belly Pre-Cure

    These bellies come from 2 different pigs. Slaughtered and butchered by my friend and myself. This kinda explains the random sizes. We broke the belly down into manageable sizes to transport and store. I've got 2 more whole bellies in the freezer. 

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  2. Get yourself a good set of scales otherwise your just swinging in the dark. The law of averages says you will miss sometime. Curing is a science.

    Happy smoken.


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