First time Baby Back Ribs

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  1. Howdy again...I am smoking my first rack of baby back ribs. Applied rub and put in fridge overnight. AM using an offset firebox on my charcoal grill. When do I begin to apply the mop sauce, after they have been on for 2 hours or every 1/2 hour from beginning. Also, I am using a rib rack. Do I still rotate the rack from hot to cold side so that the ends do not stay near fire side all the way through the cooking time? Thanks for any help you may have.......
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  2. l would recommend the 3-2-1 process spare ribs or 2-2-1 for baby back ribs. if you want fall off the bone. The (2) = smoke them for two hours, no mopping. Then foil them with apple juice. I like to foil them with a rub of a little squeeze Parkay, honey, brown sugar and Pick-a-peppa or Tiger sauce. Hienze 57 works too. Put about a 1/8 cup of apple juice or so in the bottom of the foil along with 1/8 cup Captain Morgan rum. If you don't have any rum you can skip that part. Wrap them tight and put them back on the grill for  (2) more hours. Then take them off and put them back on the grill for one (1) more hour. You can mop them the last hour. I like to use the sauce that was retained from the foiling step....They should make some pretty good fall of the bones ribs for ya...[​IMG]
  3. I don't use  a mop sauce. On baby backs I would use the 2-2-1- method. Keep your temp down around 225.
  4. Thanks much.....and the rib rack?....should I rotate it horizontally half way through since one end is closer to the hot side??
  5. I don't rotate but you can if you want to. Oh, When you open the lid hourly, spray the ribs with apple juice to keep-em moist....Your going ot love them ribs..........[​IMG]
  6. Thanks guys....I kinda cheated after the first 2 hrs, and put in cooking bag and foil...then put in oven to control the temp. Then back on grill for about 1.25 hrs. I left one rack dry and put some Texas BBQ sauce w/ honey on the other for the last hour. I think they came out well and so does my wife...Thanks Much for your help....[​IMG]
  7. Must have been good. All I see is a bone left over....Good job...If the family liked them, it was a success. That's how I gauge it........[​IMG]

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