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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by davet102, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I wasn't sure about how this was going to turn out because of the potential weather we were suppose to get. (which we did end up getting)

    I smoke 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts today. I followed Jeff's instructions.

    I did a couple things different. I only used Jeff's rub on 2 of the breasts and I did not put any of the peppers on the outside of them.

    Knowing that my wife is not a fan of the rub on chicken I thought I would do it this way and see how things went. (she does love the rub on baby backs)

    Soaked the 4 breast in the brine for 3hrs.

    I then wrapped 2 of them in the 3 strips of bacon each and tooth picked them together. Lightly sprinkled garlic powder over those 2.

    I coated the last 2 in Jeff's rub and then wrapped them in the 3 bacon strips and tooth picked them together. Sprinkled a little more of the rub on top of them.

    By this time the smoker was up to temp about 225.

    Put the plain ones on an upper rack. Put the coated ones a lower rack.

    Put in my Apple chips and chunks and let it smoke away for 2-1/2 hrs.

    The last 1/2 hr I let the smoke die out. (total 3hrs smoking)

    Maintained a temp of 220 to 235 the entire time. Mostly in the upper 220's.

    Here is where the weather came in. 2 times during the smoking we had heavy rains come in. Both lasted for about a 1/2hr each.

    Thought that I would have problem with that but, the temp never wavered and smoke was flowing.

    At the 2-1/2hr mark I checked the temp of the meat and it was a perfect 166.

    Took them out and started eating.

    The ones with the rub were a little strong but good.

    The ones without the rub were AWESOME!!!

    Both had great smoke taste and a good smoke burn on the outside. (didn't know what to call it. Not burnt but definite smoke discoloration to the meat.)

    My wife was ecstatic about the plain ones and the great smoke flavor in them.

    Sorry Jeff, I guess my wife will win this round!! Next time I make them they will all go in without the rub on them.

    The bacon was also superb in taste and texture.

    Sorry no pictures this time.

    I will definitely make this one again!!!

    My smoking season has just started today!!!

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    Have you tried Jeff's finishing sauce? Mix up and simmer some of the finishing sauce. You can do it before hand, like the day before. Then try the sauce as a "finish".

    I swear. I used to called it BBQ sauce. When I did Jeff's finishing sauce I found I used it on many different meals. I've used it on chicken, pork and beef and swear by it. I know  a lot of people change a goood recipe but I stick with the original version from Jeff. I just tastes better.

    Thanks much for the post.

    I'm sorry but I didn't see what kind of smoker/grill whatever that you used. What were you cooking on?

    Thanks for the post and happy smoking.

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    I have used Jeff's Finishing/BBQ Sauce. Really like it.

    I keep a stash of it mixed up in the fridge all the time. Use it on everything.

    I did not use it on yesterdays smoke but did use it as a dipping sauce.

    The smoker I have is one of the cheap Brinkman vertical smokers.

    Did not want to put to much money into it last spring to find out I couldn't do it or didn't like it. But when this one needs replaced I will be coming back to this forum to get advice on what I should replace it with. You can be sure of that!!

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    Well, sounds like it was good. however, we at SMF can be equated with the Show-Me-State-


    Have fun and...
  5. [​IMG]..................................................[​IMG]..da-chicken


    Here is a chicken pic for ya...[​IMG]
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    Sounds like it turned out great  but [​IMG][​IMG]   

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