first smokes since cbss mods finished

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  1. I finally finished my mods to my cbss and got back to smokin. I'll start another post to show what i did in case it can help someone.

    I finished my mods and seasoned it a couple of Saturdays ago and was going to smoke some ribs on Sunday. I thought it was  going to be a pretty straight forward smoke but was I wrong.

    I started the charcoal and had the smoker warming up with the intake fully open   when work called. By the time I got finished with them, about half of my charcoal was gone. Ok no biggie I have enough charcoal so 3-2-1 method here I come. Two hours into the smoke I get another call from work and realize I am going to have to go in to fix the problem. I go ahead and foil the ribs early and add, what I thought was enough, charcoal to finish the smoke. My mom agrees to watch it for me and I instruct her to open the intake if the temps start to drop. Off to work I head and two later I get a call from her telling me its stating to drop. Well I make it home an hour later and the temps were down to about 150 so I restoked the fire, remove the foil and started making the sauce. I finally finished about 10 pm. and the ribs actually turned out pretty good. With the temps dropping I did not want to take the chance of anyone getting sick so just me and my mom had them although I felt the extra time foiled cooked them good enough. Here's 2 pics I took with my Lens Baby lens on my camera.[​IMG]


    The pics didn't turn out like I wanted so just think of it as the distorted veiw we get from the withdrawels of going too long without good Q.[​IMG]
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    They look good. Even with the temp drop, 4 hours into the smoke them ribs were fully cooked and sterilized, at that point you are just making them tender. Besides Restaurants hold their Ribs all day at 140*F...There would not have been an issue at all eating them...JJ
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  3. Part 2

    Ok, so this past weekend I wanted to do some pork butt. I decided to try the original Minion Method instead of my modified version and it worked very well in my new basket. I smoked them for almost 7 hours before I ran out of charcoal and moved them to the oven. The last time I kind of tented the foil over the pan the 2 BB were in with the sides open because I ran out of foil and it turned out extremely good with excellent bark(They were also smoked for around 6 hours before going in the oven). This time I smoked 4 BB and had to individually double foil them to fit in the oven. They cooked a lot faster in the foil then before with a very short stall. There was a lot of juice when I finished but not a very noticeable bark. (I did not spray with as much apple juice but put more brown sugar on at the start) There was also not quite as much smoke flavor in the meat.I thought I had plenty of chunks/chips mixed in the basket.I was not quite as pleased with this one as the first one so I am currently eliminating the evidence.[​IMG]


    Sorry there are no PP pics. I was about to fall asleep pulling it and forgot about them.

    The one on the right was for my mom with no seasoning except cranberry juice,brown sugar and honey. I would like to try a full smoke unfoiled one time to see how that turns out.

    Thanks for looking.
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  4. Thanks CJJ I did not think of it that way. I'm still fairly new to smoking and would feel bad if someone got sick off my food.
  5. Look good. How did the cranberry juice work and was there a noticeable taste? I did an 11 lb butt with no foil in my MES from beginning to end it took 28 hrs and the bark was fantastic! I have an 8 lb on now with a 16 lb brisket. 
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    Wow....28hrs? And I thought my 16hr smoke was long! Good smokin' to ya!
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    Looking mighty fine there Offset! That's a whole lotta butt.
  8. Thanks.

    The last time I used cran pomegranite and the bark did have a little stronger flavor than straight apple juice. Stronger might not be the right wording, but it had a little more zing to it from the tart cranberries. My mom is allergic to spices so I try different things to add flavor to the food I smoke for her.

    I'll be over shortly for some leftover brisket. It's definitely on my to do list.
  9. Thanks. I figure if your gonna be smokin for 16 hours you might as well fit as much on as you can.
  10. How long will Q last in the refridgerator? I finished pulling it 12:30 am sunday morning and wanted to know if it would still be ok to eat today(Friday). I froze most of it but left some out to eat.
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    I have kept mine in the fridge that long. IF it lasts that long haha....Smoked on sun..ate on it all week long. A guy here at work did the same thing. He ate on his till like sat/sun of the next week. And yes hes still here to talk about it ahaha

    After is has  been fully cooked, I dont think PP is much different than other meats..... IMO

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  12. Tanks for the reply mr500.

    I thought it would be ok but would rather loose a couple of dollars of food than a couple of hundred in medical exspenses so I gave it to my dogs Friday night. There were no complaints.

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